Inaki Bascaran, a 23-year-old University of Illinois graduate who worked in marketing, disappeared without a trace randomly on Oct. 30, the night before Halloween. Friends and family in the community have rallied to try and find him, and are aiding the authorities in their search for what happened to the Wrigleyville man.

Going to a bar with some friends in Lincoln Park, Chicago, on Oct. 31, Inaki Bascaran reportedly left to visit another River North bar, Celeste, where he was last seen. Leaving alone at 11:39 p.m., he called his roommate and said he was on his way phone.

In the FaceTime call, Kayli Fradin, a friend of Inaki Bascaran’s and also his roommate’s girlfriend, said that Inaki was very intoxicated and thought that he was in Lincoln Park even though he had just left Celeste in River North.

“He was also intoxicated enough at that point that he thought he was in Lincoln Park and we know now that he wasn’t,” Fradin told ABC News. “He didn’t even really realize what part of town he was in.”

When Bascaran didn’t come home however, Fradin and his roommate tried to track his phone location to see if he was okay only to find that his phone had died.

In the morning, when he was still not home and it was clear that his bed was made from the night before, the couple called the police. Authorities gave them a list of hospitals in the area to call, in case he had injured himself in some way, but Fradin said that none of them had seen Bascaran.

She then made a “heartbreaking call” to Inaki’s parents, informing them that he didn’t return home last night and that she was very worried where he could have gone.

“Inaki is still missing,” his parents posted on social media Thursday. “We will continue to post updates when we know anything & keep everyone posted on other meet ups we might do in the future.”

For now,” the family said, “you can stay positive, pray for a safe and healthy return, and keep inaki in your thoughts and Prayers. Thank you for all of your support. Let’s find our boy. #bringinakihome.”

The family has also hired Vantius Private Detectives and Consultants to aid authorities in their five-day search for Inaki.

“You cannot have enough resources” in a missing persons case, said Vantius private detective Sara Serritella. It’s shocking “to think that you can just disappear and go missing in spite of technology and cameras,” she explained, but promised that they were doing “everything possible to try to get him home.”

On Monday, over 200 friends, family, and helpful community members, joined together with flashlights and neon vests to conduct a neighborhood search.

“Inaki has so many friends from so many areas in his life,” Kayli Fradin said, “we just knew that we would get a really big group of people to care.” She called him “the life of the party” and someone who “is always trying to make people laugh.”

The group tracked security cameras, employed drones, and tried to retrace Inaki Bascaran’s steps, but have yet to come up with any leads.

On Wednesday night, the family held a vigil, hoping to raise awareness and build support for their missing son. “Inaki is so loved by so many people and we can all feel it ❤️ #bringinakihome,” they wrote on Instagram.

“There’s been times where we’ve been sobbing together and times where we’ve been laughing together, telling our favorite stories and memories with him,” Fradin told ABC News, “and how excited we are to make fun of him for putting us through all of this once he comes home.”