Inyoung You, a former Boston College student and economics major, plead guilty on Thursday to involuntary manslaughter for encouraging her boyfriend at the time, Alexander Urtula, to take his own life.

You, who dropped out of school and returned to South Korea following Urtula’s suicide, did not appear in court but issued her guilty plea through what CNN referred to as a joint sentencing memorandum.

The 23-year-old’s plea deal allowed her to avoid jail time, as she was sentenced to a suspended 30 months in jail with a 10-year probationary term. You will not be taken into custody and will be allowed to walk free as long as she follows the terms of her probation for the 10 years.

During that time, she is also forbidden from profiting financially from the facts of the case, must complete community service requirements and is ordered to undergo mental health treatment by a licensed supervisor.

“This agreement with defense counsel was made in close consultation with the Urtula family,” Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins said in an official statement released by the court. “It is consistent with their desire to seek accountability and closure and to protect the legacy of Alexander, a loving son, brother, and uncle.”

“They believe this is something Alexander would have wanted,” DA Rollins stated. “Today, as always, our thoughts are with Alexander’s family and loved ones. Today’s plea allows them to close one chapter of their grief and hopefully move on to the next stage of their journey toward healing.”

Inyoung You did not respond to the court’s ruling on Thursday, though her attorney Steven Kim told NBC News that she was “very distraught” and incredibly remorseful for her “involuntary role” in Alexander Urtula’s death.

Boston College, where Inyoung You and Alexander Urtula attended college
Boston College, where Inyoung You and Alexander Urtula attended college. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

According to authorities, You and Alexander Urtula exchanged hundreds of text messages in the two months before his death that involved conversations about how he should kill himself. In the abusive and manipulative relationship, You “made demands and threats” about her boyfriend’s depression, prosecutors stated, and repeatedly told him that she and his family would be better off if he committed suicide.

The two allegedly met in late 2017 or early 2018 and began dating shortly after. You became abusive shortly after in the Summer of 2018 after she found out that he lied about meeting with his ex-girlfriend.

“Do everyone a favor and go f*****g kill yourself, you’re such a f*****g stupid a** worthless s**t,” she reportedly texted him during one of their arguments.

“F** YOU GO F*****G KILL YOURSELF…” she texted in a separate exchange released to the public.

Prosecutors argued that along with the near-total abuse emotional Urtula suffered from, You also failed to stop her boyfriend from ending his own life even though she knew how he was following and encouraged him to do so, making her “criminally responsible.”

On May 20, only hours before graduation, Alexander Urtula jumped from a parking garage and ended his own life, texting Inyoung You, “I’m happy I got to spend my last night with you. I love you Inyoung until my last breath.”

You reportedly texted him back “STOP. IM CRYING PLEASE. PICK UP. IF U EVER LOVED ME STOP,” in a string of text messages, and tracked his location to the parking garage. According to the facts of the case, she was allegedly present when he jumped.

Judge Robert Ullman, who called the case a tragedy, released a statement to Inyoung You, requesting: “I just ask that you make every possible effort to live your life in a way that honors the memory of Alexander.”

District Attorney Rachael Rollins encouraged all victims of domestic abuse to “Please come to us for help if you feel unsafe, scared, or desperate as a result of abuse, bullying, or threats of harm or violence,” adding that, “we want you healthy and alive.”