Jacob Cefolia, an executive at United Airlines who was first reported missing over a year ago, was found dead in a Chicago nature preserve over the weekend. According to the autopsy reports, his body was found hanging from an uprooted tree in a forested area of the Darien Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve.

“A forensic odonatologist examined dental records and positively identified the remains as belonging to Cefolia,” DuPage County coroner Dr. Richard Jorgensen announced.

The 50-year-old Elmhurst man and senior vice president of worldwide sales at United Airlines also left personal belongings such as his wallet, backpack, and driver’s license at the scene. A grey pullover, which he was reported as wearing when he first went missing, also matched the description. A Covid-19 face mask, $120 in cash, and a golf bag full of clubs were also discovered in his vehicle.

According to DuPage County Forest Preserve Chief David Pederson, foul play is not suspected.

Authorities had been investigating what happened to Jacob Cefolia for over a year, after his car was found parked outside the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve back in August 2020. His body was found far away from where he had parked his vehicle.

A previous search by authorities of the 2,503-acre park had yielded no results, but he was found by contractors working at the park and later identified through dental records. According to NBC News 5 Chicago, contractors were in the area removing invasive species.

According to DuPage Forest’s website, the area had been searched multiple times by “police agencies, volunteers, and trained bloodhounds,” but it had a “tree canopy, very thick briars and dense vegetation” that was hard to traverse.

“The human remains were located in a very thick covered brush area, extremely, so you can be 10 feet away and not see it,” said Forest Preserve Chief David Pederson. “Obviously the foliage is starting to drop this time of year, these contractors were working in a very thick area.”

Jacob Cefolia was known as an avid runner who used to hike the trails at the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve, according to NBC News.

He was first reported missing when his ex-wife, Kristine Cefolia, called authorities and said that he had failed to show up to pick up his children for his night with them.

“I’m filing a missing person report,” Kristine Cefolia remembered saying. “Nobody’s seen him since Thursday, and he hasn’t reached out to any family members at all. I have someone checking to see if he’s on a flight somewhere… something is absolutely not right.”

“I left him multiple text messages, emails, nothing,” Kristine told the 911 dispatcher at the time. “Nobody’s heard from him. He is acting very out of character.”

According to People, police reports stated that he was in the process of selling his house the same day that he was reported missing, and also failed to show up for a meeting with his realtor. A note from a fellow co-worker who was looking for him was also left at his home.

NBC News reported that the divorced father of two had been under investigation at the time but did not share why as the criminal investigation was still ongoing.

“What the heck could he be investigated for?” Jake’s friend David Burzynski asked People. “He had so much to lose… he’s such a good guy.”

David Giuliani, a reporter for Patch who was familiar with the family and the case, told NBC News that Jacob Cefolia’s son said that he was extremely “drunk on the last day he was seen.”

“Apparently his ex-wife said he fantasized about going off the grid and his girlfriend said he wanted to go into the mountains,” Giuliani said. “He wanted to leave.”

Jacob Cefolia did not leave a note at the scene.

“On behalf of the Forest Preserve District, I would like to send our sincere condolences to his family and friends,” Forest Preserve Chief David Pederson said. “We hope this at least bring closure to his family and friends.”