Jameria Hall was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation after she confessed to killing her two children in their Southwest Baltimore apartment. Hall is charged with two shocking counts of first-degree murder, first-degree assault, and reckless endangerment for the deaths of 6-year-old Da’Neria Thomas and 8-year-old Davin Thomas.

According to the charging documents, a maintenance man discovered the decomposing bodies Wednesday after hearing complaints of a foul smell emanating from the apartment. Upon walking inside, the man saw young Davin Thomas in a sleeping bag with a knife stuck in his chest and a trash bag wrapped around his head.

Jameria Hall’s daughter, Da’Neria, was found dead in the bathtub. Hall was not at home when police arrived on the scene. The 28-year-old mother of two was in an Uber at the time. Police tracked down the vehicle she was riding in and took her into custody.

Jameria Hall left her kids' decomposing bodies in her apartment. They were found Wednesday while Hall took a joyride in an Uber.
Jameria Hall left her kids’ decomposing bodies in her apartment. They were found Wednesday while Hall took a joyride in an Uber. Photo Credit: Facebook

It’s not clear how long the children were dead, though a neighbor reported that she saw the family last Thursday. The neighbor also claimed to have heard one of the children scream “Mommy no!” that same night.

Jameria Hall confessed to killing her children while being interviewed in custody. During a brief hearing Thursday afternoon, Hall was ordered to be held without bail pending a bail review scheduled for Sept. 9. Hall’s attorney requested that she undergo a competency evaluation. District Court Judge Kent J. Boles agreed to the request, though they ordered it be conducted at a correctional facility.

According to Hall’s public records, there was a history of negligence and child endangerment before the gruesome murders. Jameria Hall was charged with arson and child endangerment in 2018 for setting a fire inside her mother’s home while the children were inside. Theodore Thomas, the children’s paternal grandfather, said he and his wife took the children in after the incident.

Thomas admitted to caring for Da’Neria Thomas and Davin Thomas and claimed they were his “babies.” He then told reporters that a child welfare agency took the children away and returned them to their mother. He explained that “they gave my grandchildren back to their mother after she lit the house on fire with them inside. They took those kids. Why would they do that?”

According to the police reports, before the fire, Jameria Hall disconnected all the smoke detectors in the home. She then lit several objects ablaze including family photos. She was charged with first-degree arson and sentenced to five years. However, all but one year was suspended.

The decomposing bodies of Da’Neria Thomas and Davin Thomas were found in Jameria Hall's Southwest Baltimore apartment Wednesday.
The decomposing bodies of Da’Neria Thomas and Davin Thomas were found in Jameria Hall’s Southwest Baltimore apartment Wednesday. Photo Credit: Facebook

After her arrest, Hall filed for custody of the children. A judge granted the request when their father neglected to respond to the court proceedings. Thomas told reporters that “my babies might still be alive today if they hadn’t taken them.”

During an initial investigation, Jameria Hall’s mother told police that her daughter told her she was in the hospital. Hall told her mother that she left the children with their father. The father, however, told detectives that he hadn’t seen his children. The father, who was not named, also admitted he saw Hall on Aug. 24 on the street. She was “screaming and cursing at no one,” and looked to be intoxicated.

Before the murders, Jameria Hall posted dozens of positive pictures of her children. She often described fun weekend excursions and posted pictures of the small family enjoying themselves in various locales. In one picture, Da’Neria and Davin were stacked on top of their mother, smiling at the camera.

Another post, dated June 5, showed the family at a beach day in New Jersey. “Another mission complete we had to turn up yesterday real quick up in New Jersey,” she wrote on Facebook. “ME MY SUN AND LIL LADY.”

In a post from April, Hall wrote that her children are “innocent and [they] will always be innocent in this cruel world MOMMY GOT THEM 2 gether.”

In another post in April, she wrote: “My two little best friends. They perfect to me. A bond that can never be broken.”

In a post-pandemic Facebook rant, Jameria Hall said that “in the beginning of the 2020 pandemic I found myself going back into depression. I was not able to work because my family needed me at home. Every month I had supervised probation office visits. I suffer from myofascial pain syndrome. PTSD always taps me on the shoulder and triggers my anxiety.”