Brooklyn Nets star James Harden and rapper Lil Baby were frisked by police officers at Paris Fashion Week. Then Lil Baby was detained for possession of marijuana.

A video is going around the Internet of Harden and Lil Baby (born Dominique Jones), being stopped by police on Avenue Montaigne after they smelled a strong scent of cannabis coming from a Mercedes the rapper was in.

Soon they police realized there was 20 grams of marijuana was found in the glove compartment of the car, according to Le Parisien.

TMZ provided more details, stating, “Baby was seated in the back of a police van and appeared to be handcuffed … local reports say he was among 3 people arrested for some sort of marijuana-related charge. The report said the vehicle the men were travelling in was pulled over and officers could smell marijuana. There were allegedly 20 grams of weed discovered.”

James Harden appeared to be frisked by police officers after he tried to intervene with Lil Baby’s arrest in Paris. Photo credit:

James Harden appeared to be frisked by police after he tried to help Lil Baby, but there were no charges against the basketball player. He was not in the car with the illegal substance. He also was not in possession of any illegal substance.

An investigation is currently underway for Lil Baby, who was taken into custody.

France has been slow taking steps to legalize or decriminalize marijuana. In contrast to many other European countries, France still has very restrictive medical marijuana laws in the European Union.

Last year, the French government put into motion a new fine system in which people in possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana would be fined a lump sum of €200.

Prior to the loosening of restrictions, possession of marijuana could come with a fine well over €1,000 and up to a year in jail. It’s still unclear why Lil Baby was taken into custody and not simply fined.

Harden and Lil Baby are quite close, given that the Nets guard is currently acting as an executive producer for the Lil Baby’s latest album. They’ve also vacationed together before, and Harden was celebrating Lil Baby’s birthday when he skipped workouts with the Houston Rockets before the 2020-21 season.

Video of both incidents circulated on Twitter. Harden – wearing a brown hoodie and sweats – is seen in the first video being patted down by police officers, holding his phone in his right hand as his pockets are searched. The Brooklyn Nets player is heard telling the police “It’s OK. I don’t understand.”

Paris Fashion Week has been a busy time for James Harden. Named to the board of Saks Fifth Avenue last month, Harden has been attending shows with Lil Baby, and attended the same shows as A-list movie stars like Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lawrence and Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain.