James Loganbill, a Kansas elementary school teacher, was found guilty of stalking after he admitted to police he was “obsessed” with his fourth-grade student. The 58-year-old teacher reportedly took pictures and videos of the 10-year-old girl, having snapped photos of her legs and butt, according to police.

Loganbill was convicted on Wednesday and is set to be sentenced on Nov. 3. During the court hearing, the girl said she has been having nightmares after the incident and claimed to be “scared of men” following her teacher’s crude actions.

James Loganbill, who worked at Meadow Lane Elementary School in Olathe, was arrested last June after his students caught him taking photos of a fourth-grader. The students reported the incident to the principal and Loganbill resigned one day later. Police then arrested him after finding 230 photos and 31 videos of the 10-year-old girl that he had allegedly taken between August 2019 and March 2020.

According to reports, Loganbill had been working for the Olathe School District for 30 years before he resigned. He was found guilty Wednesday of reckless stalking, which holds a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a fine.

James Loganbill was found guilty of stalking Wednesday after reportedly taking pictures and videos of his 10-year-old student. The 4th grade teacher faces one year in prison and a fine.
James Loganbill was found guilty of stalking Wednesday after reportedly taking pictures and videos of his 10-year-old student. The 4th-grade teacher faces one year in prison and a fine. Photo Credit: Twitter

Kristyn Antonucci, the girl’s mother, said that even “months later, it’s still hard for me to leave her alone or not be with her or the other kids at all times.” She said that the incident has scarred her daughter.

Antonucci recalled the day she learned about James Loganbill’s terrifying stalking. When her daughter got into the car after school, Kristyn Antonucci noticed something was wrong. “I said, ‘What happened, did something happen at school?’ And she said that something had and that she did not want to talk about it in front of her little sister and little brother.”

When they got home, the 10-year-old girl opened up to her mother. “They had been seeing their fourth-grade teacher taking inappropriate pictures of her backside anytime she wasn’t looking, anytime she tied her shoe, anytime she grabbed something at her desk,” the mother explained. “And they had been noticing that behavior for months.”

The girl’s mother told the father, Anthony Antonucci, who immediately left his office and drove to the school. He said that he “just showed up at the school to figure out exactly what’s going on. As soon as I hit that parking lot, I was met by the principal.” The father claimed that the principal informed him of the investigation into James Loganbill.

Both parents admitted that “we’re just both bawling. And we’re like, ‘How? How can this be? How can someone see her life this? She’s a kid; she looks like a kid.’”

According to Olathe Police detective William King, on top of taking inappropriate pictures, James Loganbill had also searched for the girl on YouTube. The teacher knew she took part in competitive dancing and wanted to see videos of her dancing. He also allegedly searched for pornographic videos of teachers having sex with students.

Loganbill was not accused of sexual contact with the girl though he did admit to having an “attraction to (the girl)” and claimed that “it happened when she wore black leggings or dancing pants.” Police claimed that in one of the videos Loganbill had taken, the teacher “had [the girl] pose by lifting her leg up to her head while wearing black tights.”

James Loganbill’s defense attorney, Carl Cornwell, said that his client “feels so sorry for his family, he feels so sorry for this young girl. [Loganbill] said, ‘Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean for her to know, I didn’t want her to know, and now look what I’ve done.’”

Cornwell hopes to overturn the verdict on appeal, according to reports. The defense attorney argued that the evidence used in the case does not support a reckless stalking conviction based on the wording used in the statute. According to Cornwell, the 10-year-old girl did not know she was being photographed and therefore was not scared at the time of the stalking.

It is that fact that Cornwell hopes to use to overturn the verdict. He said that it’s that fear that is required for his client to be convicted of reckless stalking based on the wording of the statute at the time of Loganbill’s booking.

Johnson County District Judge Thomas Sutherland disagreed with Cornwell and claimed that the original statute did not require the victim to be scared at the time of the stalking. The incident in itself was terrifying. One of the parents of a student in Loganbill’s fourth-grade class said that “it’s terrifying that this would happen to such young kids in a classroom where you’re supposed to trust these teachers in the schools to keep your kid safe.”