Is Jasmine Hartin guilty or innocent? The socialite was arrested again Thursday during her scheduled daily check-in required by her bail agreement. The socialite, who has been charged with “accidentally” killing Superintendent Henry Jemmott, was taken into custody in the afternoon after she willingly reported to the police station.

“I’ve done nothing wrong!” Hartin claimed, as seen in a video obtained by The Sun. The arrest comes after a recent fight between Jasmine Hartin and her common-law husband, Andrew Ashcroft, the son of billionaire Michael Ashcroft. Hartin claims she has no idea why she is being arrested again, though a video released earlier this week shows Hartin fighting with her husband.

“I’m being detained for an unknown reason,” she said during the chaotic scene in the police station Thursday. Hartin’s mother, Candice Castiglione, can be heard shouting that the arrest was “bogus.”

The Canadian socialite pleaded with officers at the San Ignacio police station. “I have no idea why I’m being held,” she claimed, while the officer behind the desk ignored her and filled out paperwork. “Don’t I have a right to know what the charge is for?”

Jasmine Hartin said she did nothing wrong as the police took her into custody. The mother of two was likely terrified by the idea of returning to the Belizean prison. The charges have not been revealed by authorities. But the arrest comes two days after footage surfaced of Hartin and her husband getting into a spat. Hartin wanted to see her 4-year-old twins, Charlie and Elle, but Andrew Ashcroft said he wouldn’t allow it.

Hartin had filmed the altercation on her phone, and she can be seen cornering her partner in a hotel restaurant. “Why won’t you let me see the kids Andrew?” she exclaims in the video. “Why won’t you let me see the children?” Andrew Ashcroft prevented Hartin from seeing her children, despite his wife claiming that the killing of Henry Jemmott was an accident. Whether he believes she is guilty or innocent, the billionaire’s son won’t budge.

DailyMail revealed that Hartin’s attorney warned her that authorities could revoke her bail over the confrontation, though Hartin didn’t comment on that possibility. Reporters in the police station watched as Hartin was arrested, and Candice Castiglione was looking on in disbelief.

“I’m being detained for something in San Pedro. I’m not sure why,” Hartin called out to the reporters. “This is illegal, I’m being detained illegally right now. I don’t know what this charge is. It’s an unknown charge from someone in San Pedro. I have no idea why I’m being held.”

She continued, saying that “All I did was try to collect my personal belongings and see my children. I have obeyed every single court order. I have done absolutely nothing wrong here.” Jasmine Hartin pleaded with officers to explain the charge or say how she violated her $15,000 bail.

“According to San Pedro Police, you’re detained for common assault,” one officer finally replied. When asked to say more, the officer claimed, “I cannot comment.”

Hartin may end up in Hattieville Prison, which is deemed one of the toughest prisons in the world. Jasmine Hartin spent several days in prison following her first arrest in May but was bailed out on June 9 after being warned by the judge that the decision could be revoked at any time if she failed to meet the bail requirements.

“Being in prison is easier than being away from my children. I would go to prison every day if it meant I could have my kids,” Hartin admitted Thursday while being escorted away by police. “This is horrible. The worst thing that he’s ever done to me is take my kids.”

Jasmine Hartin was roughed up the night of Henry Jemmott's death. Will she face murder charges?
Jasmine Hartin was roughed up the night of Henry Jemmott’s death. She claims “prison is easier” than being away from her children. Photo Credit: 7 News Belize/Facebook

Jasmine Hartin’s mother, 66-year-old Candice Castiglione, spoke on the so-called assault video, claiming that she did not see her daughter push or make contact with security staff. “If there was any physical contact you would be able to see it on the videos. Jasmine didn’t push anyone or abuse anyone, she was a lady the whole time,” Castiglione explained.

A recent interview with Jasmine Hartin was the first time the socialite spoke out about the tragic incident, in which she claims she accidentally shot Superintendent Henry Jemmott, a high-ranking Belizean officer. 

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Henry, he was my friend, he was a protector,” she admitted during the interview.

She continued, claiming: “I have to live with the fact that I had this horrible accident. I miss him. I feel for his family and his children.” Hartin said that the Ashcroft family “instructed” her not to say that before, though she didn’t explain why. “We were friends for three years. And he was a good man,” she continued, at which point other officers came and took her away.