Jason Derulo took some major offense to people mistaking him for R&B superstar Usher in Las Vegas on Tuesday, rushing toward the heckler in a fit of anger.

It’s unknown if the man, caught on camera by TMZ reporters, made an honest mistake or if he purposefully meant to antagonize the “Solo” singer. Either way, Jason Derulo, 32, was outraged.

After slapping the man, Jason Derulo walked away with a large man, who was presumably his bodyguard, until one of the men who originally passed him yelled out, “”Hey, Usher! F*** you, b***h!”

Storming over very quickly and menacingly, Jason socked the heckler with a punch to the face as security came over to help tear the R&B singer away.

“You don’t touch my boy!” the man said before receiving the blow from the Cats star.

Unable to diffuse the situation, the crowd got caught in Jason Derulo’s rampage, sending people to the floor. In video acquired by TMZ, a large man either part of Jason’s security team or the ARIA hotel where the brawl occurred, forcefully threw one of the men to the ground and yelled “get out of here!”

When the cops arrived, the two men decided not to press charges, though they have a one-year statute of limitations should they change their minds. After heckling the singer to incite the brawl by screaming “F**k you, bb***h!”, they may not have a heavy case.

Jason Derulo, a proud father, interrupted by a fight as he left a Las Vegas hotel
Jason Derulo, a proud father, interrupted by a fight as he left a Las Vegas hotel. Photo Credit: TikTok

According to TMZ, Jason Derulo received a “trespassing” notice from ARIA and was thrown out of the hotel. No one involved in the scuffle was sent to the hospital, but Jason was later handcuffed and detained by police.

Jason Derulo has yet to comment on what happened at the hotel, but he won’t face any criminal charges and has since been released from custody.

Many fans online surprisingly supported the singer for attacking the trolls, commenting “Never thought I’d ever be proud of Jason Derulo until now.”

“So glad [Jason Derulo] handled those racist jerks,” another fan wrote. “People think they can say anything. Well, they both got their racist a***s handed back to them.”

The “Wiggle” singer previously looked toward the new year with some optimism, sharing on Instagram that despite “personal wins and losses in 2021,” he wanted to create more positive memories in 2022 with his fans.

Unfortunately, that perspective had to be interrupted by some antagonizing men in Las Vegas.

“Well … the lesson today is to not call celebrities the wrong name and to not be disrespectful,” USA Today writer Asha Gilbert commented on Twitter. “Who knows what Jason Derulo had going on before that.”

Just this last month, Jason Derulo shared a heartfelt Christmas with his ex-girlfriend Jena Frumes and their 7-month-old son, Jason King.

The couple reported that baby Jason’s first words were “Dada,” to the delight of the R&B father.

“Who carried a baby for 9 months, gave birth, [and] had excruciating breastfeeding migraines to provide milk,” Instagram model Jena Frumes asked the 7-month-old on TikTok with him hilariously responding, “Dada” and she mouthed “Mama.”

“Is DADA easier for babies to say?” she joked.

Though the couple is no longer together romantically, they plan to co-parent young Jason King, who is seemingly very fond of his father.

He shared a video on his TikTok page buying tons of toys for the little newborn at a fancy mall, with excited and starstruck employees pointing the R&B singer to toy pianos before taking some pictures.