Jaylin Brazier was arrested and named a person of interest in the missing case of 17-year-old Zion Foster. According to police reports, Brazier turned himself in to Detroit police. Zion Foster hasn’t been seen since Jan. 4 and was last seen with Brazier, who is her cousin. Police are trying to understand what happened.

Zion Foster’s cousin is expected to be arraigned in court on Jan. 24.

According to reports, Zion Foster was last seen at her home on the 22000 block of Melrose Court in Eastpointe, Ill. The 17-year-old had just gotten off of work and asked her mother, Ciera Milton, if she could hang out with 21-year-old Jaylin Brazier, who picked her up around 10:45 p.m.

Two hours later, Milton received a text from her daughter’s phone saying she was on her way home. Zion Foster never arrived. GPS on the cellphone tracked the girl’s last location to Greenfield Road and the Seven Mile area. Brazier later denied that he was with Foster before her disappearance and refused to tell her mother where she was.

Foster’s family fears that the young girl is being held somewhere against her will and has been sold as a sex slave.

Jaylin Brazier Zion Foster
Zion Foster has been missing since Jan. 4. Her cousin, Jaylin Brazier is a person of interest in her disappearance while police try to figure out what happened. (Credit: Detroit Police)

Detroit and Eastpointe Police have not released a lot of information about the missing persons case because it is still an ongoing investigation. It has been reported that relatives of Zion Foster have received ransom demands, but this has not been confirmed by police.

“We got a lot of different pieces to this puzzle,” Detroit Police Chief James E. White said. “There’s pieces that, if I talk about, could tip off certain people who know things, so I’m not going to get into that.”

The disappearance of Zion Foster is a joint investigation between the Eastpointe and Detroit police. On Jan. 19, White announced that Detroit Police would take the lead on the investigation because the 17-year-old was likely last seen in the city. The two forces said that they are working together to find the teen and any tips from the public would be appreciated.

Detective Lt. Koenigsmann from the Eastpointe Police force said, “Tips from people in the public help very much, because even though they may think it’s small, it may help us in a big way. So, any information that the public has given us up to this point, we’ve looked at. Some of it is a dead-end, and some of it might be a piece of the puzzle we might need.”

Jaylin Brazier Zion Foster
Zion Foster’s cousin, Jaylin Brazier, is a person of interest in her disappearance. The 17-year-old hasn’t been seen since Jan. 4. (Credit: Detroit Police Department)

Foster’s parents are pleading with the public to help them find their daughter. Foster is one of seven children and is adored by all of her siblings. Her family describes her as artistic and creative. She loves her newborn brother and is always making TikToks with him. Her mother spoke to Dateline and said she is grateful for all the support that she has received since her daughter went missing.

She said, “I’m grateful for those that, you know, stand up, give any information they possibly can to assist the case. I’m grateful for the people that are passing out fliers and sending up prayers. And even sending food,” Milton told Dateline. “It’s a lot of kids I have, it’s a lot of stress and it’s a lot of you know, you try to stay strong, and you try to make sure your kids are good and that they’re still believing, but my kids are hurting, my kids are crying, my kids are worried. So, I’m just grateful for the support that we do get.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Foster’s family. So far, it has raised over $3,000. All the money will support the family while they look for Zion Foster.

Anyone with information about Foster’s disappearance can call Detroit police at 313-267-4600.