Jeffrey Burnham of Cumberland, Md. is in police custody, after officials say he murdered three people to stop them from administering Covid-19 vaccines.

According to investigators, Burnham killed Rebecca Reynolds, 87, in her Cumberland home before stealing her car and driving to Ellicott City, Maryland.

There, police say, he killed his brother Brian Robinette, a pharmacist, and his brother’s wife, Kelly Sue Robinette.

The deadly spree ended Friday, when Burnham was arrested without incident outside a bar in West Virginia.

What Happened?

Court documents allege that Jeffrey Burnham, 46, “wanted to confront” his brother for administering vaccines at his job as a pharmacist, believing “the government [was] poisoning people with Covid vaccines.”

“He repeatedly stated ‘Brian knows something!'” according to one such document.

Police say Jeffrey Burnham’s spree began on Wednesday, Sept. 29, when he apparently killed Rebecca Reynolds, a friend of his mother’s, before taking off in her 2020 Lincoln.

Reynolds’ body was found in her home with a “deep laceration” across her neck and a pillow over her head, according to charging documents. Police noted signs of a struggle at the scene, including a broken vase, and a cordless house phone on the floor near her body.

Then, authorities say, Jeffrey Burnham drove Reynolds’ car two hours to Ellicott City, where his brother lived. Brian Robinette, 58, and his wife Kelly Sue Robinette, were found dead from gunshot wounds upstairs in their home, according to court filings. Their car, a 2007 Corvette, was missing from the driveway, and Rebecca Reynolds’ stolen Lincoln was found park less than half a mile away.

Police were able to track Jeffrey Burnham’s whereabouts through his brother’s stolen belongings — Brian Robinette’s cell phone was discovered on an exit ramp almost 60 miles northeast of his home, and the EZ-Pass on his car logged vehicle at a Baltimore tollbooth on the morning of Sept. 30.

That evening, an anonymous tipster informed police that Jeffrey Burnham had returned to Cumberland. According to court documents, Burnham asked the tipster for gas money and said they would “see him on TV” soon.

The search continued until the the next night, Oct. 1, when Burnham apparently flagged down a firefighter near a bar in West Virginia and told him that he “had been forced to kill three people.”

Jeffrey Burnham was taken into custody and has since been extradited back to Maryland.

Pharmacist Brian Robinette was shot by his brother Jeffrey Burnham, who thought COVID-19 vaccines were 'killing people,' say police.
Pharmacist Brian Robinette was shot by his brother Jeffrey Burnham, who thought Covid-19 vaccines were ‘killing people,’ say police. Photo credit: Facebook

The Signs Were There

Court filings show that those close to Jeffrey Burnham had growing concerns about his mental health and stability. He lived with his mother, 83-year-old Evelyn Burnham, who called police on Sept. 29 and 30 to report his erratic behavior.

She reportedly told police that her son had made statements about the FBI “being after” him, and that he kept a “security system” in his bedroom at their home. Another unnamed individual reported that Jeffrey Burnham said his brother was “killing people with the Covid shot.”

Most disturbingly, Evelyn Burnham reported her son making comments about “Becky’s car,” referring to her lifelong friend Rebecca Reynolds.

Charged and Denied Bail

In a bail hearing Wednesday morning, an Allegany County judge denied Burnham bail, ordering that he remain jailed while awaiting trial. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for November.

He faces two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder for the killings of Brian and Kelly Sue Robinette. Charges are expected to be filed for the murder of 87-year-old Rebecca Reynolds, as well.

Police say pharmacist Brian Robinette and his wife Kelly Sue Robinette were murdered by Jeffrey Burnham, who thought COVID-19 vaccines were 'killing people.'
Police say pharmacist Brian Robinette and his wife Kelly Sue Robinette were murdered by Jeffrey Burnham, who thought Covid-19 vaccines were ‘killing people.’ Neighbors set up a GoFundMe for their children. Photo credit: Facebook

Families Mourn

In Ellicott city, neighbors have erected a memorial for the Robinettes, and a GoFundMe page was set up to help their adult children manage funeral costs.

“Just like their parents, nicest kids in the world,” neighbor Jim Perrus told a local CBS affiliate. “All we can do right at this point is be there and support them.”

Evelyn Burham, too, is mourning.

“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry,” she told The Baltimore Sun. “I lost two boys and a friend and a daughter-in-law.”