Is Jennifer Garner’s relationship with John Miller getting serious? It certainly seems like it!

The celebrity couple broke up just before Los Angeles went into lockdown in 2020, but the pair is giving love another chance, according to Us Weekly. Jen and John made headlines in 2018 when the 13 Going On 30 actress and CaliGroup CEO got together, bonding over their co-parenting predicaments. Garner shares three children with ex-husband Ben Affleck, and Miller shares two with his ex, Caroline Campbell.

They “are back on,” a source said. “It started up a few weeks ago.”

Jennifer Garner and John Miller Reunite Will they get married?
Fans wonder if Jennifer Garner and John Miller will get married?. Is the relationship serious? Photo Credit: Jennifer Garner

Fans have wondered if the celebrity couple would get back together since the news of their breakup broke in August 2020, as sources explained that the two ended things amicably. “He was ready for marriage and she just couldn’t commit,” a source explained last year. “They parted on very amicable terms.”

One source said that all was not lost. “Jen and John remain on friendly terms,” they assured Touch Weekly. “There’s a possibility that they could rekindle their relationship in the future, but right now it’s over.”

For Miller, marriage was on the table. But Jennifer Garner wasn’t interested at the time. She was “extremely content and blissfully happy,” the source said of the couple’s time together. Miller wanted to get married, but Garner couldn’t be rushed into a commitment that big. It seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Jen and Argo actor Ben Affleck have been split since June 2015, and have been officially divorced since 2018. With ten years of history and three kids – Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel – it was hard to move on.

John Miller split with his now ex-wife, Caroline Campbell, once in June 2011 and for a second time in October 2014. They finalized their divorce just as sparks began flying between Miller and Garner, with official reports flooding in November 2018. Miller and his violinist ex-wife have joint custody of their two children, a similar situation to Garner and Affleck.

The Yes Day star and the burger CEO bonded over their children and parenting styles. But are they ready to take things to the next level?