Jenny let Sumit know her real feelings! The 63-year-old star of 90-Day Fiancé exploded during the Season 3 premiere on Sunday after her fiancé Sumit kept on delaying their marriage. Long-term fans of the couple were surprised at Jenny’s outburst.

Jenny and Sumit have been on 90-Day Fiancé: The Other Way since the first season and their story has been a rollercoaster of drama. During this installment of the franchise, contestants got to join their partners in their home countries instead of the partners coming to the U.S. For this show, Jenny has joined Sumit in India, and she is patiently waiting for him to propose. Sumit said that he’s not ready to go against his family to marry her.

Jenny from 90-Day Fiancé: The Other Way exploded at Sumit for once again refusing to marry her. The 63-year-old wants the India native to finally make a decision for himself and to stand up to his parents.
Jenny from 90-Day Fiancé: The Other Way exploded at Sumit for once again refusing to marry her. The 63-year-old wanted the India native to finally make a decision for himself and to stand up to his parents. (Credit: Instagram)

Many fans want Jenny to go back to America because of all the drama that she has faced. She first fell in love with Sumit when he was catfishing her as another man named Michael Jones. His red flags got even brighter when he revealed that he was already married!

This shocking reveal happened in Season 1 of 90-Day Fiance: The Other Way when Jenny first arrived in India and she broke down on camera. She called producer Shawn crying about the new secret and said, “How come I didn’t know? Maybe because he forgot to tell me. He just knew that if he told me he was married, that he had a wife, that it would end. He would lose me and he didn’t want that to happen, so he just didn’t tell me. He told me he’s been trying to separate from her for over a year and his family hasn’t been allowing it.”

The reveal of another wife didn’t stop Jenny from forgiving Sumit, and fans think that this outburst of hers was brewing for a long time.

During Season 2 of 90-Day Fiancé, Sumit was able to get his divorce, but his parents still stood in the way of the couple’s happiness. They didn’t want their son marrying someone 30 years older than him. The couple has since gotten engaged, but his parents haven’t warmed up to their potential daughter-in-law, and it looks like Jenny is still waiting for Sumit to make the final move. Fans aren’t sure if he will.

During the season premiere, Jenny found out that her visa was going to expire and that she would have to go back to the United States unless Summit married her. After Sumit refused to go against his parent’s wishes and told her that she should understand his side of the situation by now, Jenny exploded.

“I’m not gonna keep coming back and leaving every damn six months,” she yelled while throwing a chair. “I’m not gonna keep doing it. You’re not gonna keep telling me you’re gonna marry me, you’re f**king not. That’s it! I’m done with all this crap. F**k you, Sumit. I’m never listening to you again. Booking my flight and I’m f**king leaving.”

She also told her 32-year-old fiancé that she’s not going to allow him to destroy the life that she has made in India and make her go back to America with nothing. During the episode, Sumit brought Jenny to an astrologer for her birthday and even the stars told the couple not to rush their marriage.

Jenny said that she didn’t believe in what the stars said and wanted Sumit to make a decision for himself about their marriage. “Whatever that astrologer says, I don’t care,” Jenny said. “Sumit needs to marry me. I mean, it’s sad, I wish that the man that I love could just make a decision, and stop listening to anybody else — be it your mom, your parents, anybody — and go ahead and do what you wanna do, this is what you say you want then let’s do it. Keep me here, let’s stay together, and let’s be happy. This is what we both want.”

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