Jessica Rae Good was arrested Wednesday after crashing a child’s birthday party and reportedly raping a teenage boy in front of a young girl. Authorities apprehended Good after the 17-year-old boy spoke about the incident to a staff member at his high school, claiming he was raped over the weekend.

The alleged sexual misconduct happened when Good entered the Port Charlotte home during a birthday party extremely intoxicated. She had been drinking with a friend prior to crashing the party, but the two separated after her buddy went to bed. Good then went to the party where children were celebrating another teen’s birthday on May 9.

Florida Woman Accused Of Crashing Birthday Party, Raping Teen. Jessica Rae Good identified.
Florida Woman Accused Of Crashing Birthday Party, Raping Teen. Jessica Rae Good identified. Photo Credit: Charlotte County Sheriffs Office

Sheriff officials explained the events in a statement, saying that “after returning home intoxicated, Good continued to ‘hang out’ with the juveniles while allegedly making extremely inappropriate sexual comments and providing the 17-year-old victim with alcohol.” At some point in the night, a 12-year-old girl, who had fallen asleep on a bean bag, had woken up, claiming to have heard sounds of people having sex.

The girl, who has not been identified due to her age, claims she was about a foot away from the two engaging in sex, and she could hear the 17-year-old whispering for her to help him. The girl described that at some point, the boy went to the bathroom and vomited. The pair then continued to have sex before Good left the Port Charlotte home.

According to the teen boy, Jessica Rae Good was forcing herself on him in a nonconsensual manner. He claimed he could not push her off because she was too heavy. Jail records list Good at 250 pounds. Witness accounts of the boy vomiting could indicate that he was too drunk to consent, though his age prevents him from consenting to sexual conduct with an adult in the State of Florida.

Authorities questioned Jessica Good after the incident. She admitted that she had “blacked out” and could not remember the alleged sexual misconduct. She is facing two charges of child abuse and two counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

Florida law states that adults cannot have sex with a minor, even consensual, though there are exceptions to the rule. Jessica Rae Good was being held at the Charlotte County Jail until being released Monday on a $150,000 bond. Her arraignment is set for June 21.

Jessica Good has no priors and her criminal history is clean, according to the Port Charlotte Sun.