Jessie Moses, the longtime fiancée to Jon Jones, was found beaten up on Friday after a brutal fight with the UFC star. According to reports, just before Jones’ latest arrest in Las Vegas, Moses confronted a security guard at Caesars Palace, who then noticed the blood on her lip and sweatshirt.

Moses had reportedly requested a new room key but started to cry when the security guard asked if everything was alright. He offered to take her and her children to a security booth. Once there, one of the couple’s children asked the guard: “Can you call the cops?”

What happened between Jessie Moses and Jon Jones? Police noticed blood on Moses' lip and sweatshirt.
What happened between Jessie Moses and Jon Jones after the UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony? Police noticed blood on Moses’ lip and sweatshirt. Photo Credit: Instagram

Jessie Moses was then interviewed by police and asked if Jon Jones had hurt her. The UFC fighter’s fiancée replied: “Ummm not too physical but a little bit yeah.” A police report acquired by MMA Junkie explained that the reporting officer noticed “blood all over Moses’ clothing and a bump with dried up blood on the lower part of her lip.”

Moses claimed that the blood on her lip was because her lips had gotten dry. In the police report, the officer noted that Moses was “scared to even talk about Jonathan.” And when police accompanied Jessie Moses back to the hotel room where the physical altercation occurred, they observed blood on the bedsheets and shoes which were scattered around the room.

“She still seemed very scared as to the release of Jonathan from jail,” the arresting officer, listed as R. Boschetti, detailed in the report. According to Boschetti, Jessie Moses questioned how long she had before her fiancé would post bail and be released. It wasn’t immediately clear why she asked that, however, she later refused to have photographs of her injuries taken. She also reportedly rejected a domestic violence card with info regarding a restraining order.

By the time police had arrived at Caesars Palace, Jon Jones had already left with two of his friends. Jones was eventually located on a nearby street. The former UFC light heavyweight champion became “irate,” according to the arrest report. During his Friday arrest, in which Jones was charged with domestic battery and injuring a vehicle, he allegedly smashed his head onto the front hood of an LVMPD patrol vehicle, leaving “a medium-size dent” and chipping paint.

The police report claimed that Jones was “an emotional rollercoaster” while in custody and even threatened to file a lawsuit against the department for “ruining the biggest night of his life.” That night, Jones had been inducted into the UFA hall of fame in Las Vegas for a 2013 bout.

While in custody, Jon Jones admitted he had been going through difficult times with Jessie Moses but said he never got physical during the altercation in the hotel room – denying allegations that he pulled her hair or hit her. The fight had started because Jones was collecting $10,000 from the hotel room to be used at a nearby strip club – which he planned to attend with his friends after the UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony. During the altercation, Jones reportedly told his fiancée to “f—k off.”

Jones was booked at the Clark County Detention Center on a battery charge but posted bail later that night. In an Instagram story posted over the weekend, Jon Jones explained to his followers that the incident happened because he can’t handle his alcohol.

“I have way too much trauma to consume alcohol, my brain simply can’t handle it anymore. I will leave alcohol in my past forever,” Jones wrote over a video of him working out. “Turn this nightmare into the best thing to ever happen in my life.”

After allegedly assaulting his fiancée, Jessie Moses, Jon Jones took to Instagram to excuse his actions, claiming they were the product of alcohol. He claimed he would never drink again.
After allegedly assaulting his fiancée, Jessie Moses, Jon Jones took to Instagram to excuse his actions, claiming they were the product of alcohol. He claimed he would never drink again. Photo Credit: Instagram

Since the incident, many have made calls to Dana White and the UFC to drop Jon Jones. In a press conference over the weekend, White attempted to appease reporters, claiming that “we’ll do what we always do. We’re very consistent in that we watch and see how this thing plays out legally and what happens, and then we’ll make a decision from there.”

Despite dismissing any concrete actions against Jones, White did lay into the troublesome UFC fighter. “It’s like it’s not even shocking anymore,” White said after Friday’s incident. “When we bring him here, it’s almost expected. Can’t even get him into Las Vegas for less than 12 hours to induct him into the Hall of Fame. It’s a problem.”

Despite his anger toward the UFC star, White couldn’t make any promises that he’d take care of the situation. When asked if he would drop the fighter, all he did was deflect.

“I got 650 guys … there’s sh*t that goes on here every day,” White explained. “It’s the fight business, man. Every day we got stuff going on, stuff that you don’t know about that we deal with on a daily basis. You guys just hear about the sh*t that ends up in the media. So, it’s what we do. We’ll see how this thing plays out legally with him, and we’ll go from there.”

Jon Jones is notorious, not only for his record in the ring but his police record outside of the octagon. In 2012, Jones was arrested for a DUI after crashing a Bentley into a telephone pole. In 2015, he was booked for a hit-and-run in New Mexico in which he broke a pregnant woman’s arm.

He later pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct in 2019 after he was accused of making unwanted contact with a waitress at a strip club in Albuquerque. In 2020, Jones was arrested for drunk driving and negligent use of a firearm. His troublesome behavior also infiltrated the UFC, after he tested positive for banned substances two times during his UFC career.

One of Jones’ opponents, Daniel Cormier, explained on Tuesday’s episode of “DC & RC” that he believes Jones’ behavior is his fault. “I said some things back in 2017 before we fought the second time,” Cormier admitted. “I spoke to mistakes and how when you make mistakes, they change you.”

“Jones obviously doesn’t learn from the mistakes,” he continued. “But I also take a bit of responsibility because I think, in a lot of situations, you learn when you have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. And I said on the ‘Countdown’ show before the fight, ‘the way Jon Jones makes changes is by losing to me.’ I didn’t beat him.”

“Chael Sonnen didn’t beat him,” Cormier added. “So many people didn’t beat him. We never forced him to look in the mirror … because all his bad behavior still led to success. And so, why change it? Why change it? It’s unfortunate.”