Joe Petito, Gabby’s father, is still processing the death of his daughter as the investigation shifted to the potential contents of Brian Laundrie’s notebook. The journal was found alongside Laundrie’s remains in a Florida nature park last Wednesday, having previously been submerged in water.

Authorities believe that some contents of the notebook “may be salvageable,” but Joe Petito told TMZ that he doesn’t expect any closure from what may be written inside. Instead, Joseph Gabby’s father has shifted to tackling domestic violence in the county, focusing on how his daughter’s exemplifying story can help other missing or abused women.

He told TMZ that nothing in Brian Laundrie’s notebook could bring his daughter back, and that “whatever’s in there won’t explain how her tragic death could have been avoided.”

The only reason he would want to know what Brian wrote, he said, would be for his own selfish gratification. He also reportedly mentioned that the words would do little to console Brian’s parents.

For Chris and Roberta Laundrie, they said that they have no idea what could be written in Brian Laundrie’s notebook, but that he seemed “out of sorts” when he left that day.

When asked about the condition of the notebook, North Port Police Department Public Information Officer Josh Taylor told Fox News that it was “a question for the FBI,” who have released very little information about what knowledge may be decipherable from the notebook.

The FBI have said that there is “no new information at this time,” but that they would post updates to their Twitter feed once they are made available for the public.

According to Laundrie family lawyer Steven Bertolino, the backpack found near Brian Laundrie’s remains contained a dry bag, but it remains unknown if the notebook was inside. The FBI announcing that parts of the notebook “may be salvageable” seem to suggest that it may have been submerged in the water as well.

Bertolino called it “just a tragic situation for both families,” The New York Post reported.

Joe Petito also doubts that anything in the notebook could provide more information as to what happened to Gabby, the 22-year-old who was found strangled to death in a Wyoming natural park. Her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, is still the only known suspect in the case, after he came home from the cross-country road trip without her.

His death leaves more questions than answers as authorities now must attempt to uncover what happened to Brian and determine if he potentially took his own life after taking Gabby’s.

Authorities revealed that the investigation will continue, MSNBC stated, but no charges have been made in the death of Gabby Petito. Since Brian was found dead, he cannot be charged in her death, providing little justice in court for Gabby’s family and loved ones.

Instead of focusing on the notebook, Joe Petito told TMZ that he is searching for meaning in Gabby’s death, and for him that means highlighting domestic violence issues.

After doing some research, he said the statistic that one in three women in the United States have experienced a form of domestic violence is “insane.”

“Society needs to figure out how to shift the shame from the victim to the abuser,” he told TMZ, “and maybe that starts by having conversations that reassure victims it’s not their fault.”

Joe Petito said that more resources should be made available for victims of domestic assault, and he hopes that missing persons cases receive the same kind of attention and detail from the authorities as hers did. He pointed to “other missing persons who could be saved still.”