After dissuading young fans from getting vaccinated, Joe Rogan, host of the popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” said that he tested positive for Covid-19. Although he was adamantly anti-vax, it’s unknown if he was true to his word by not getting the vaccine.

The podcast host had just finished a tour of live shows in Florida and returned home feeling sick. He spoke in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and Orlando, where Covid-19 cases have been rapidly rising.

“Throughout the night, I got fevers, sweats, and I knew what was going on,” he said in an Instagram video. “I got up in the morning, got tested, and it turns out I got Covid.”

“I got back from the road Saturday night feeling weary. I had a headache and I just felt run down,” Joe Rogan explained in the video. “Just to be cautious, I separated from my family and slept in a different part of the house.”

Listing off a series of medications that he said he took as treatments for the virus, he named prednisone, a widely accepted steroid, and monoclonal antibodies, a treatment used only on potentially gravely ill patients such as the elderly. Donald Trump was reportedly treated with monoclonal antibodies when he tested positive for the virus back in October 2020.

Joe Rogan also mentioned ivermectin, the veterinary anti-pesticide that conservatives have latched onto on social media, despite the fact that the Food and Drug Administration warned that the horse de-worming drug was dangerous for humans to ingest and should not be taken to treat Covid-19.

“I really only had one bad day, Sunday sucked,” he claimed in the video, “but today, I actually feel pretty good.”

“A wonderful heartfelt thank you to modern medicine for pulling me out of this so quickly and easily,” he said.

Back in April, Joe Rogan told his estimated 11 million listeners per episode that if he was 21 and healthy, he wouldn’t advise getting the vaccine. First telling fans that, “I don’t think you need to worry about this,” he later said he was planning on getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine before dosages were paused. He clarified his position later, walking back that he is “not a respected source of information” or “an anti-vax person,” but that he believes they’re safe and encouraged many people to take them.

Despite the admission, it hasn’t stopped the controversial podcast host from speaking about why he believes you shouldn’t be required to get the vaccine.

Postponing his show in Nashville, Tenn., which was scheduled for this Friday with Dave Chapelle, Rogan said that he would offer refunds to anyone who wanted their money back, especially since the venue has now imposed a vaccine requirement to attend.

“If someone has an ideological or physiological reason for not getting vaccinated, I don’t want to force them to get vaccinated to see a f***ing stupid comedy,” he said. “Now they say that everybody has to be vaccinated, and I want everybody to know that you can get your money back.”

Health officials, especially in Florida where Joe Rogan presumably caught the virus due to a surge in cases, urged everyone over the age of 16 to get the Covid-19 vaccine. When asked about Joe Rogan’s vaccine comments back in April, Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that “Even if you don’t have any symptoms, you’re propagating the outbreak” by not getting vaccinated.

Doctors have attributed vaccine hesitancy to political figures and controversial talk show hosts who push that people do not have to get the vaccine. In the U.S., 175 million people have been fully vaccinated so far, according to Our World in Data, which makes up only around half of the total population.