John Eisenman has been arrested for first-degree murder after he killed his daughter’s boyfriend in November 2020. The father believed the 19-year-old boy sold the underage girl into sex slavery.

The remains of the boyfriend have recently been discovered.

According to police, Eisenman, 60, learned that his daughter had been sold into sex slavery last year. After allegedly rescuing her from the sex trafficking ring and bringing her back to Spokane, Eisenman confronted her boyfriend. The boyfriend was later identified as 19-year-old Aaron Sorensen even though the missing person poster refers to him as Andrew Sorenson.

John Eisenman has been arrested after it was discovered that he killed his daughter's boyfriend after the 19-year-old had sold her into sex slavery. (Credit: GoFundMe)
John Eisenman has been arrested after it was discovered that he killed his daughter’s boyfriend after the 19-year-old had sold her into sex slavery. (Credit: GoFundMe)

Eisenman allegedly kidnapped Sorensen before beating him with a cinder block, stabbing him and leaving his remains in a remote part of North Spokane County in the trunk of a car.

The City of Spokane Police Department released a statement on their Facebook giving full details on the disposal and murder. They said, “In November 2020, Eisenman learned his daughter’s boyfriend was going to be at a location in Airway Heights, WA. Eisenman waited for the victim and confronted the 19-year-old as he arrived. During that encounter Eisenman abducted the victim, tying him up and placing him in the trunk of a vehicle. Eisenman subsequently assaulted the victim by hitting him in the head with a cinder block and then stabbed him repeatedly, causing his death.”

The boy’s remains weren’t found until two weeks ago when an unknown individual found the car, a 1991 green Honda Accord, and drove it to East Everett Avenue in Spokane. Officers are unsure if the individual knew that there was a body in the car when they drove it to the city.

Amber Hellman, her boyfriend and a friend of theirs, later found the remains when they decided to search through the abandon car. According to police, they received reports that the car was giving off a “foul odor.”

Hellman described the moment when the body was discovered. She said, “They were just looking around and for some reason, they decided to look in the trunk and all I hear is, ‘there’s a body,'”

When police arrived at the abandoned vehicle they noticed that the inside was covered with mold. Sorenson’s hands and feet were tied together with zip ties and tape was placed over his mouth. An official cause of death has yet to be determined.

The boyfriend had been missing a year before his remains were discovered in an abandoned car. (Credit: Washington State Patrol)

Spokane police officers discovered that the car was registered to Brenda Kross, fiancée to John Eisenman. They tried to call Kross, but her phone wasn’t taking calls. When they arrived at her house Eisenman told officers that the car had been stolen a year ago.

Kross later told police that Sorenson had sold the young girl into sex slavery, but didn’t say anything about the murder. It wasn’t until a neighbor called in a tip on the father that Eisenman was arrested. According to the neighbor, Eisenman had told him that he killed Aaron Sorenson and had given details about the crime.

Police were able to arrest the 60-year-old. Court documents report that the he admitted to the murder during a police interview.

He was taken to the Spokane County Jail and charged. Eisenman is being held on a $1 million bond. Prior to the murder, the father had had a clean criminal record.

Some are calling John Eisenman a hero for what he did for his daughter. One user wrote on Twitter, “I think John Eisenman acted well within his right as the father of the victim. Well, at least I hope she was a victim in this situation. To be pimped by someone weak enough to be killed a geriatric, she had to either really love him, or be complicit by way of influence.”

A GoFundMe has been set up for the Washington man and while it has yet to receive any donations, it has been shared many times on social media.