JoJo Siwa, the 18-year-old Nickelodeon star, just put the company on blast for allegedly dictating what songs of hers she can and can’t perform while on tour.

The YouTube personality and former Dance Moms alum just made a Paramount+ film titled “The J Team,” which was released on the platform on Sep. 3, and was in full gear to kick off her tour when Nickelodeon threw the young star a curve ball on Tuesday.

“I go out on tour in January. My movie musical was just released (with 6 new original songs),” she wrote on Twitter. “Nickelodeon told me today that I’m not allowed to perform/add any of the songs from the film into my show.”

“These are MY songs, MY voice, MY writing,” she added. “Does this seem fair???”

Representative from Nickelodeon have yet to comment on JoJo Siwa’s claims, but Wednesday morning she continued to discuss the conflict. Her manager and her girlfriend Kylie Prew helped amplify her her message by sharing it on social media as well.

“I want my concert to be the BEST it can possibly be, and I want to perform the songs that YOU have been waiting to hear for 2 years,” JoJo Siwa said. “Having the music from my movie in my show is important to me, I wish it was important to Nickelodeon.”

“Remember I’m a human, not just a brand,” she reiterated.

Currently, JoJo Siwa‘s YouTube channel has over 12 million subscribers, and she was even featured on Time Magazine‘s annual “100 most influential people” list.

According to JoJo, “The J Team” film, which was in partnership with Nickelodeon, provided her with a massive outlet for creatively. She wrote a total of 27 songs for the film, which were later cut down to just six.

“There’s six original songs on the soundtrack and then two of my old songs,” she told Jimmy Fallon during her The Tonight Show appearance. “But one of them is a full revamped remix and it’s so much fun.”

“It’s been a process, but… I’m excited!” she said. “This musical is centered around my life and also centered around being yourself and centered around staying true to who you are. Even when the world is telling you, ‘It’s not gonna happen, it’s not gonna happen,’ you believing because you’re you.”

According to press releases, “The J Team” follows a “young girl named JoJo whose life is turned upside down when her beloved dance coach Val decides to retire and is replaced by a sparkle-hating instructor named Poppy.” Kicked out of the dance crew, JoJo must discover what dancing and singing means to her once again.

JoJo is also an executive producer for the film, and told Entertainment Weekly that she had a say in everything from costumes to casting.

“I do love acting, and it’s really easy,” JoJo said. “What I’m about is just so real and so natural and nothing is made up that it’s like, I don’t have to think about it. Things are just very clear to me. If someone’s not being hung out with, let’s go hang out with them. Somebody isn’t being [included], let’s include them. We’re ordering pizza and somebody likes cheese and somebody likes pepperoni? Let’s get both.”

Without word from Nickelodeon, or more information from JoJo Siwa, it’s unclear why Nickelodeon would forbid her to play her new songs on her tour. The “D.R.E.A.M. Tour,” which kicks kicks off in Spoke, Wa., on Jan. 13, 2022 for a total of 37 dates across the country, is also in partnership with Nickelodeon.

“‘JoJo is JoJo,” she said. “JoJo’s not a character. JoJo’s not a guinea pig. JoJo’s a human, and it’s me.”