Jorge Nava’s 133-pound weight loss during his 2-and-a-half-year prison sentence is incredible! The before and after photos show his amazing journey from fat to fit, and now he’s opening up about how he achieved his new physique.

The 90-Day Fiancé star lost weight during his time in prison after being sentenced for marijuana possession. He was released in May 2020, revealing his shocking transformation to the world through Instagram pics. His new body dropped thousands of jaws, support of his new look flooding in through social media.

Jorge Nava’s incredible weight loss. His new physique photos are amazing. Photo Credit: YouTube

Jorge Nava made it into the spotlight in Season 4 of 90-Day Fiancé, which followed his romantic journey with his ex-wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko whom he met on Facebook. The Russian bride came to the United States for Jorge but things didn’t last too long. After his story arc and subsequent imprisonment, Jorge has made big changes to both his physical and mental health. His next chapter in life has already begun and fans are impressed.

Now a father to a newborn baby girl and invested in a new relationship, Jorge says his new life is a “dream.” He told ET that it was his new mindset that set him on the right path, one that included incredible weight loss.  

“Being in solitary confinement for a little bit, you kind of get to thinking a lot,” Jorge Nava revealed in an interview. “You get to read a lot of books and kind of change your mindset on things. I got the taste of success a little bit when I was able to change my mindset to change my personal appearance, like, with literally a small seed. Like, I read a book, and what I learned from this book, it kind of gave me the motivation to change myself.”

90-Day Fiancé star lost a lot of weight while in prison. His new body is toned! Photo Credit: Jorge Nava

One of the major influences on his weight loss and mindset change as Tony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within, a bestselling self-help book that reveals techniques for overcoming the fear of change and issuing in a chapter of enhanced emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Jorge used the book’s lessons to fix his physique and lose weight. While some inmates gain weight in prison, Jorge was motivated to get healthy.

“It has to be something that you choose to do,” he admitted, giving fans honest words of encouragement. “I felt, honestly, at the very beginning when I was going through it, I felt hopeless, I felt powerless. And I felt like I couldn’t do anything to reflect my outside environment. It wasn’t until going through all of this that I was able to see that I shouldn’t try to control what’s going on out in the outside, but try to change what was within, and that little change sparked everything that has happened now.”

Once 318 pounds, Jorge’s new look is amazing. Recent Instagram photos show that he made the most of prison and now he’s got the body to match his mindset. “I still feel healthy,” he explained. “I guess it’s kinda just maintaining a healthy diet, really. That’s what it really comes down to. Like, weight loss comes to 95 percent diet, and five percent in the gym.”

Jorge Nava’s Weight Loss is amazing. He explains how he started his journey from fat to fit. Photo Credit: Jorge Nava

Knowing he’s inspiring his fans to work on their own goals is making the journey that much better. “I’m glad that I’m able to inspire even to the very least, at least one person,” Jorge said. “Because I have gone through and read comments and stuff like that and they talk about my experience inspiring them at their very lowest. And it’s definitely a great feeling knowing that I’m able to change at least a little bit of somebody’s life.”

The photos of Jorge Nava’s weight loss have garnered hundreds of thousands of likes. Though imprisonment can be the end of the road for some, Jorge made it a new beginning.