On Friday afternoon, Joseph Petito, Gabby’s Petito’s father, announced that services for Gabby’s funeral were taking place at Moloney Funeral Home in Holbrook, NY, on Sunday, Sept. 26 from 12 to 5 p.m.

Joseph, who sometimes goes by Joe Petito, called his daughter “our sweet Gabby,” and thanked everyone for their love and support through their difficult time.

Her dad has been very active on Twitter since his daughter’s disappearance, even after her body was found in Wyoming and pronounced dead, over a week after she was reported missing.

In emotional posts, Joseph wrote that Gabby “touched the world,” and was reaching out daily to ask people for help in finding his daughter.

Though previously inactive on social media, Joe Petito took to Twitter on Sep. 17, announcing that he was Gabby Petito’s father and and saying that, “She is missing and we need everyone else to find her.” He included the hashtags which were later trending nationally, including #FindGabby, #WheresGabby, and #BringGabbyHome.

The next day, he was back at it, writing, “It took a bit, but the jobs not done. Don’t lose focus,” accompanied by the same three hashtags. The following day, on Sep. 19, human remains found in Grand Teton National Park, Wy., were confirmed to match Gabby Petito’s DNA.

“In lieu of flowers for the service, please send donations for the Future Gabby Petito Foundation through the Johnny Mac Foundation,” Joseph Petito announced on Twitter Friday afternoon. “We Thank you for all the support.”

Gabby’s boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, has since been listed as a “person of interest” by the FBI, and has been in hiding ever since returning alone from the cross-country road trip that mysteriously ended Gabby’s life.

“I’ve never actually called any of them by their real name, ever,” said the Long Island father. “I always tried to use the female versions of the boyfriends’ names, just to intimidate them a little bit.”

Appearing on an episode of Dr. Phil on Monday, Joe Petito said that he never liked any of Gabby’s boyfriends, especially Brian Laundrie.

The boyfriends would always “laugh,” Joseph Petito said, “although as the years progressed, I think [Gabby] prepared them for when they met me.”

According to Gabby’s father, he used to call Brian, “Brianne,” in an attempt to humiliate and mock him.

He explained that they had last talked to Gabby on Aug. 24, and had no contact with her during her van trip until she was reported dead on Sep. 19, almost a month later.

He told Dr. Phil that he had a “gut feeling” that something had happened to her, but could never have imagined this. On air, he lambasted Brian’s Laundrie’s behavior, saying, “there is no scenario where you clam up the way he has.”

“He stole her car,” he continued. “That’s her van. So you left, and you left her in the middle of nowhere and didn’t tell a soul, and your first call was to an attorney.”

“How would he know to get an attorney? If you did nothing wrong?” he asked. Joseph Petito then detailed that if he wasn’t guilty, and that if they just had an argument where he left her at the park and took the car, he should have at least made “the phone call,” so that he could go and pick his daughter up.

Authorities are currently combing Florida’s swampland in search of the last place they believe Brian Laundrie was seen.

“I let the authorities handle the theft of the car,” Joseph Petito said, but “my daughter would be here right now because I would have picked her up.”