The Houston Police Union is calling for Judge Greg Glass’s resignation. The judge is under fire after a suspected felon let go on bond shot and killed an officer approaching the suspects home.

“I don’t even want to say his name,” said Douglas Griffith, president of the Houston Police Officers’ Union, of Judge Greg Glass.

According to authorities, 30-year-old suspect Deon Ledet was going to be served an arrest warrant by Officer William Jeffrey when he was shot and killed. Ledet was also wounded and died in the shooting.

Out on bond, Ledet had a criminal record that went back to 2008, and was a “habitual offender,” as described by the union. According to ABC News, Deon Ledet was sentenced to 10 years for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in 2015, and charged with felony possession just last year.

Arguing that Ledet was a twice convicted felon, the Houston District Attorney’s office sent a letter filing a motion that to deny bail hearing. However, Judge Greg Glass not only granted bail, but lowered it by $10,000.

“We are calling for his resignation,” Griffith told Fox News. “The community is becoming more and more outraged. This is the 138th person, one of our officers, over the last two years that has been killed by someone out on multiple felony bonds.”

“He told him he needed to get an ankle monitor and did that happen? No, it did not,” an angry Griffith continued. “His bond was revoked, and he was still out on the streets.”

Fox News reported that Ledet did not show up to get his ankle monitor installed, and that the judge just let him off with a warning. Letting him out on bond, Ledet failed to show up to court again, and his bond was revoked. Officers were reporting to his address on arrest warrants once again.

According to Houston Police Union, if Ledet was behind bars and not let out on bail, the shooting resulting in an officer killed would have never occurred. Criticism of the event has fallen onto Judge Greg Glass, who has yet to comment on the reason for letting Ledet post bail.

A second officer at Ledet’s address on 5350 Aeropark Drive, Sgt. Michael Vance, was also injured in the shooting but is expected to make a full recovery.

“It’s sick to see this happen over and over again, and Judge Glass, you have some explaining to do,” Griffith declared.

ABC News reported that Judge Greg Glass was one of four Houston judges who had not held a single trial in over a year, and has been severely held back despite the Covid-19 pandemic already slowing down court room proceedings.

“He hasn’t held a trial in over a year claiming it’s because of Covid-19,” Griffith alleged. “Other judges have gone forward with trials. There are ways to do it safely. He’s just choosing not to… The problem is he [Glass] won’t have a trial, so he just therefore releases everyone on bond.”

“Judge’ Greg Glass’s short tenure in Harris County’s 208th District Court has been an overwhelming failure,” Griffith said. “Greg Glass does not care about criminal justice nor the safety of our community. This isn’t the first time he has made the news for the same behavior.

The Houston Police Union urged everyone to call the court to demand his resignation, citing over 1,000 felony warrants in his court that have gone unanswered over the past year and a half.

“The incompetency that you have shown in your job has not gone unnoticed,” Griffith tweeted from the Houston Police Union. “This blood is on your hands, Greg Glass. Shame on you.”