Julia Lee Choi, a 45-year-old woman living in MacLean, Va., has been accused been accused of threatening Apple CEO Tim Cook after he told courts that he needed a restraining order against the alleged stalker.

Emailing and tweeting about Tim Cook nearly 200 times since October 2020, Julia Lee Choi, who refers to herself as Julia Lee Cook, claimed that he was the father of her twins. She often referred to Cook as her husband in social media posts and sent him emails including photos of her trespassing outside his property.

Tim Cook was granted the temporary restraining order against the stalker after he explained that her recent emails and Twitter posts showed, “a significant escalation in tone, becoming threatening and highly disturbing.”

Julia Lee Choi, Apple CEO Tim Cook's alleged stalker, given restraining order
Julia Lee Choi, Apple CEO Tim Cook’s alleged stalker, given restraining order. Photo Credit: Twitter

As of 2022, the obsessed woman has allegedly become even more impatient, and claimed that her patience was “almost done.” According to court documents filed by Cook, she repeatedly stated her desire for a sexual relationship with Cook, and later sent him photos of a revolver and ammunition.

Tweeting a string of messages to Tim Cook on Halloween 2020, Julia Lee Choi’s wording and flurry of responses could have easily been brushed off as either a bot or an Internet troll making jokes.

“Great News on 10/31/2020,” she wrote in the first Tweet, “Tim Cook, CEO of [Apple Emoji] is a my bed MAN! He is NOT a gay! Man of Men! my bed MAN! Tim, Come out!”

She would continue to refer to Cook as her “Bed Man” throughout the flurry of tweets, later claiming that he was her husband and fathered her two twins.

“My Husband! My MAN is Tim Cook! My kids Daddy~!” she wrote in one post. “Most importantly, I have a faith that my husband loves his wife and family ❤ (Julia & twins) so much. I would like to have a wedding promise with my forever love husband.”

Her tweets were loaded with emojis and had zero impressions. Her account has not posted since Halloween 2020, and she only follows two people: Tim Cook (of course) and Seattle photographer Sam Horine.

She also specifically tweeted at Satya Nadella, chairman and CEO of Microsoft, and Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, demanding that they unfollow “my husband Tim Cook as soon as possible.”

Cook said in court documents that Julia Lee Choi became more aggressive and threatening over the past year, however, and required a restraining order after she emailed him a photo of a loaded pistol.

Julia Lee Choi, “intends to return to (Cook’s) residence or locate him otherwise in the near future,” the restraining order application read, citing “erratic, threatening, and bizarre behavior.”

Her Twitter bio was also updated with the disturbing phrase “Twins died.”

According to The Mercury News, Julia Lee Choi also registered many fake companies with “highly offensive corporate names” and listed Tim Cook as director.

She allegedly drove to his home on Oct. 22, 2021, and was asked to leave by security. She returned later and told security that she could “get violent,” but no charges were made. She was reportedly unarmed at the time, and her Porsche SUV was towed due to an expired license.

At the time, Palo Alto police Lieutenant Con Maloney declared that there was “no active police investigation.”

Julia Lee Choi has since demanded that the Apple CEO “empty the condo” because she is “mov[ing] in next week,” along with other threats such as asking for $500 million in cash and claiming that she purchased a “new gun.”

Another court hearing to reassess the situation is scheduled for March 29. Until then, the obsessed Virginia woman is forbidden from possessing guns, tagging him in social media, or contacting any Apple employee, including CEO Tim Cook.