It’s safe to say that Kanye West is not taking his split from Kim Kardashian well. The latest indication that he hasn’t accepted the divorce? A bizarre poem he wrote saying he is “dead.”

After threatening to kill Kim’s new flame, SNL comedian Pete Davidson, in his song “Eazy” with the Game, Kanye tried to block her ability to legally declare herself single.

Now, the rapper is transitioning from Twitter rants to disturbing poems.

“No one wanted to tell me I was DEAD,” the YEEZY designer’s poem began, “and only people that would talk to me were in my head.”

Referencing his split with Kim Kardashian and his “cancellations” on social media, his death poem is bleak, raising further concern about the rapper’s well-being and mental state.

The poem also alludes to the fact that Kim owns their family home, adding “My kids would dance for me in a home I once led, but kids see ghosts and didn’t know I was DEAD.”

“Everything was wrong in the press that I read,” Kanye West continued in the poem. “Won’t anyone listen to one word I said.”

The rapper recently came under fire after releasing DONDA 2, a follow-up to his successful 2021 record, which mentioned his split with Kim Kardashian explicitly over several tracks. The tracks included high-profile artists such as Migos and Future.

Kanye was also heavily criticized for his “Eazy” video, in which he beheads and buries alive a claymation rendering of Pete Davidson.

“I feel already compromised that I have to justify my expression after over 20 years of art that I’ve contributed to the planet,” Kanye West wrote in a caption alongside the poem. “But I also see the need to make sure we as a species are allowed to still feel anything. Men not allowed to cry. Celebrities not allowed to cry.”

Kanye West ends the scary poem by alleging that his death was the result of a murder, and that he read about it in the paper. He does name a killer in the story, and later explained on Instagram that he would not be explaining the poem to his fans.

“The explanation destroys the mystery and magic of true love and puts it in a box that can be counted,” he captioned the photo.

Kim Kardashian declared herself legally single in court amid a divorce court battle with Kanye West
Kim Kardashian declared herself legally single in court amid a divorce court battle with Kanye West. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Just two days before posting another poem entitled “DIVORCE,” a judge legally declared that Kim Kardashian was allowed to drop “West” from her name.

“Kim is feeling a huge sense of relief now that she has been declared legally single,” a source close to the reality television star told Elle. “She is very happy and feels she is one step closer to reclaiming her independence and being able to move on in her life.”

Kanye previously claimed that he would stop at nothing to keep his wife, prompting Kim to turn to the courts to ratify the change.

“Divorce feels like full blown Covid. Divorce feels like your doctor don’t know shit,” he wrote. “Divorce feels like you’re walking on glass. Divorce feels like you’re running through a glass wall.”

“Divorce feels like your teeth being pulled with pliers. Divorce feels like slower than paint and dryer. Divorce feels like nails in your hand,” he continued. “You are not you anymore. You’re what left of you.”

Kanye West also referenced his situation with his four children – North West, 8; Saint West, 6; Chicago West, 4; and Psalm West, 2 – writing that it felt like they “were snatched from [his] control.”

He alluded to feeling like he was “shot,” “suffocating,” and “barely breathing.”

The lengthy divorce proceedings are expected to continue late into the year, with another court date currently scheduled for Aug. 5.