Karl Anderson is facing backlash for an insensitive comment he made about WWE after the wrestling organization offered mental health services for all its athletes. The offer came after the news of Daffney Unger’s death, which is still being investigated by authorities.

The 41-year-old AEW and Impacting Wrestling star took to Twitter Thursday to express his hate for WWE. The professional wrestling entertainment company sent out an email to all its wrestlers, offerings counseling services to anyone “in need of help.”

Sean Ross Sapp, the managing editor of Fightful.com wrote on Twitter that “WWE sent out a message to talent today noting that they provide counseling services if they are in need of help.” He was reporting the news, however, Karl Anderson took the opportunity to launch jabs at the media company.

What happened with Karl Anderson? Wrestling star faces backlash for Twitter comments he made about WWE amid tragedy - Daffney Unger's death.
What happened with Karl Anderson? Wrestling star faces backlash for Twitter comments he made about WWE amid tragedy – Daffney Unger’s death. Photo Credit: Instagram

In response to Sean Sapp’s tweet, Karl Anderson, known as “The Machine Gun,” wrote that “they suck bro,” in reference to WWE. The comment sparked controversy, as many pointed out that Karl is still bitter about being dropped from the media comment at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Others declared that this was not the appropriate time for bitterness because of Daffney Unger’s death.

The tweet has since been deleted, though Karl Anderson wrote in a follow-up post that it was “not deleted” and claimed he “DON’T care.” He concluded the tweet, writing “they suck. See ya.”

WWE fans let Karl have it, slamming him for his response to the company’s mental health outreach. In response to the hate, The Machine Gun wrote a series of subsequent tweets, writing in one post that “you marks are too easy.” He added that “when you post up at a f—king hotel begging for a pic or an autograph, lemme know.”

Why is Karl Anderson angry with WWE? Wrestling star bitter at media company.
Why is Karl Anderson angry with WWE? Wrestling star bitter at the media company. Photo Credit: Twitter

Karl Anderson was referencing those “marks” or fans who would write hateful things about the pro wrestler while simultaneously asking for autographs or photo-ops when seeing him in public. In another tweet, he challenged those “marks” to talk to him in person.

One WWE fan posted that the image of The Machine Gun’s disrespectful comment. The Twitter user wrote that “Karl Anderson [is] trending because of this,” claiming “there is a time and place to be bitter” and “this wasn’t the time.”

Another user wrote: “How very inappropriate and very despicable on this day of all days.” The user told The Machine Gun to “hang your head in shame you bitter pathetic excuse of a man. You want to garner heat do it in the ring and stop being a fanny on social media.”

The wrestler himself responded to the angry tweet, writing: “Who are you… Haha.” In response to that tweet, fans mentioned that his current employers – AEW and Impact Wrestling – will likely drop him for the controversial remarks.

Karl Anderson is likely still upset about being dropped by WWE. In one tweet Thursday, The Machine Gun asked WWE’s NXT brand “what happened to The Wednesday Wars,” which was a short-lived battle between WWE and AEW. The two fought for Neilson ratings on their respective networks on Wednesday night. It only lasted from October 2019 to April 2021. Then NXT moved to Tuesday nights.

Karl wrote that NXT “gave up quick,” and added in a subsequent tweet that the company “was putting out s—t product constantly,” claiming “this is on them.”

Fans are especially mad at Karl Anderson for bringing all of this into the limelight despite the tragic death of one of wrestling’s greatest stars. Daffney Unger’s death shocked the wrestling world, especially given her recent Instagram posts that referenced suicide. So far, her cause of death has not been revealed.

In response to her death, WWE wrote on Twitter that it “is saddened to learn that Shannon ‘Daffney’ Spruill passed away at the age of 46. WWE extends its condolences to Spruill’s family, friends and fans.”