Kassidy Pierson died last Tuesday after a long battle with skin cancer. The 27-year-old mother, known as “ohhkayypee” on TikTok, had originally ignored a suspicious mole she found when she was 18 for about three years before finally getting it checked. When things took a dire turn, the woman decided to tell her story on TikTok, eventually going viral for showing the difficulties associated with skin cancer.

The Minnesota native passed away on Sept. 7 and her sister broke the news over the weekend, posting one final video on Pierson’s TikTok. “I know I’m not the face you want to see,” she started the now-viral video.

“I am [Kassidy’s] older sister,” she continued. “And so I’m coming on here to let you guys know that she did pass away on Tuesday night.” The close-up shot of Pierson’s sister showed a grieving woman who was devastated by her sister’s death.

“She was with her fiancé,” the woman confirmed during the video. “She was not alone. She was not in pain.”


There will be a slideshow video coming soon. Thank you for all your support. She was loved. And finally… get your skin checked.

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The video has since been viewed nearly 950,000 times. It was posted two weeks after Pierson last posted on TikTok when she told her 230,000 followers that she had been having a bad day – including extreme nausea, dry heaving, and intense sweating. The video then stitched together a few more clips, where Kassidy Pierson showed off some of her “better” days.

In the final post, Pierson’s sister explained that she “wanted to… come on and thank you all so much for following and supporting, and I can’t tell you the amount of times that she would just break down crying because she couldn’t believe how many people just loved her from this platform.” The sister explained how much the TikTok following meant to Kassidy Pierson.

Who is Kassidy Pierson? Viral TikToker documented her years-long battle with skin cancer. She died Tuesday, Sept. 7 after the tragic journey.
Who is Kassidy Pierson? Viral TikToker, ohhkayypee, documented her years-long battle with skin cancer. She died Tuesday, Sept. 7 after the tragic journey. Photo Credit: Instagram

“So just thank you so much, for all that you have done for her,’ the sister concluded. The post was captioned with a plea for viewers to check themselves for skin cancer sooner rather than later. “She was loved,” the caption read. “And finally… get your skin checked.”

Kassidy Pierson had been filming her cancer journey for a while, documenting her good and bad days for her massive TikTok following. According to the skin cancer victim, the process was to help convince others not to wait too long to get checked. In her case, she likely could have been saved had doctors removed the problematic mole when she first noticed it, nearly a decade ago.

“I waited until I was 21 — when I finally got insurance — to get it checked out, and that’s when they took the biopsy,” Kassidy admitted. “After two weeks, the dermatologist called me on the phone and told me it was, unfortunately, skin cancer, and it was melanoma. I then asked him what that meant, as I did not know. He told me that there were a few different types of skin cancer. Melanoma was the deadly one, and I had it.”

“This is what my mole looked like,” Kassidy explored in one of her videos. The TikTok centered around a single photo, which showed a large, dark mole on the inside of her leg. She explained that it took a while for her to get it checked but claimed she first noticed it when she was 18

“It was bigger than a pencil eraser, it itched, it was dry, it bled when it was itchy, it had all the symptoms,” she told her followers. “It was discolored, it changed shapes.” The graphic explanation was to serve her fans in a way she never had the opportunity to be. She was young and misinformed – it likely cost Kassidy Pierson her life.

According to the viral sensation, Kassidy did not realize that her symptoms were all indicators of melanoma. She also said that though the mole was extremely dry, itchy, and bloody, she didn’t have health insurance. She said that when she was 18 years old, she was pregnant and had other things to worry about. She admitted that at the time, getting checked for skin cancer didn’t feel like a top priority.

In one of her more recent videos, Kassidy Pierson explained that “it’s been a long journey.” She said that “I had a partial hip replacement, I had half of my right lung removed, I’ve had a bowel resection, I’ve done two rounds of chemotherapy, I have done… four or five rounds of different radiation types now.”

“I’ve been on different immunotherapies, clinical trials, drugs,” she admitted. “It’s been a very long journey that I have taken, a very, very long journey [with] multiple surgeries. The hip one was one of the hardest and the lung one. And those happened one right after the other.”

“Six and a half years later,” she added. “I’m still stage 4 and I’m now terminally ill and on hospice.” She ended the video with a plea to all her followers: “So please go get your skin checked.”

Kassidy Pierson tragically died after a long battle with skin cancer. She used her TikTok platform to spread awareness of the disease and warn people to get their skin checked.
Kassidy Pierson tragically died after a long battle with skin cancer. She used her TikTok platform to spread awareness of the disease and warn people to get their skin checked. Photo Credit: Instagram

But Kassidy Pierson’s TikToks were not all doom and gloom. The young mom had a sense of humor and a positive outlook on life. She said in an interview in August that she was planning her own funeral. “I find it fun,” she explained. “I’ve been planning things I like with my sisters for the past couple of years; just ideas here and there that we liked and thought would be appropriate for who I am as a person.”

She also admitted that while skin cancer has drastically affected her life, she didn’t let it stop her from doing what she loved. “I’ve been staying busy visiting with as many friends and family as possible,” she claimed. “My days are booked full, as we don’t know how long it’ll take me to die.”

“It could be a couple [of] days, weeks, months, or even years! It just depends on cancer and how fast or slow it moves throughout my body,” she explained. “But I feel good now, and so spending as much time with the ones I love is what I’ve been doing with my days.”

When she was finally told the skin cancer was terminal – and essentially untreatable – Kassidy Pierson released a tearful TikTok explaining her situation. She said her doctor told her that “that none of my treatments are working anymore, and unfortunately at this point, they have nothing medically they can do. There are no treatments available for me.”

She admitted that “I am not scared to die, I am just sad. It is a very sad thing, for the moments that I will not be there for.”

‘We all die someday,” she added. “I have an opportunity to share my death, which many don’t get a chance to do. I am blessed I get to say goodbye to my family, and I want to showcase all the ins and outs. The good and the bad of it all. This isn’t pretty and this isn’t easy. But there are good moments in the bad.”