Former Hungarian porn star Katalin Erzsebet Bradacs, 44, has been arrested for stabbing her son to death and dumping his body on the counter at an Italian supermarket.

According to Italian news source Umbria24, the ex-porn star entered a Lidl grocery store in Citta della Pieve in central Italy’s Umbria region at 3 p.m. on Friday with the body of her son, Alex Juhasz. Bradacs reportedly cried for help before placing the 2-year-old boy’s body on the counter.

The child was allegedly stabbed nine times across the neck and chest, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bradacs was also treated for a stab wound to her left forearm. Italian Judge Angela Avila has said she believes the same weapon was used to injure both the ex-porn star and her child, according to Umbria24.

When police arrived, Katalin Erzsebet Bradacs allegedly offered three, contradictory explanations for the child’s death.

“I did not kill my son,” she continued to assert.

Katalin Erzsebet Bradacs allegedly offered three, contradictory explanations for the child’s death. The “dumping” incident allegedly took place in Citta Della Pieve, pictured above.

Bradacs was arrested and charged after police found a knife “with a broken blade” in her purse. Bloody clothing, including the 2-year-old’s shirt and Katalin Erzsebet Bradacs’ jumper, were later discovered in an abandoned building nearby. The child’s stroller was found, “closed and set aside,” in a neighboring alley. Officials say there is no evidence that anyone other than Bradacs had been in these areas at the time the child was killed.

Police have since cordoned off the area for further investigation.

According to officials, security camera footage from nearby buildings, possibly including the supermarket, have not turned up any additional suspects or potential accomplices. Katalin Erzsebet Bradacs was seen alone with the child by several eyewitnesses throughout the day — in the city’s downtown, in the neighborhood of Po ‘Bandino, and in the area near the supermarket where the crime is believed to have taken place.

Investigators reportedly believe that Bradacs sought revenge against her ex-husband, Norbert Juhasz, from whom she had recently been divorced. The stabbing of the 2-year-old child, the wound to her left forearm, and the pleas for assistance at Lidl were apparently part of a scheme to stage the child’s murder as the act of a third party.

Juhasz told authorities that, in the bitter custody battle that followed, a Hungarian court had awarded him custody of their 2-year-old son. He alleged that Katalin Erzsebet Bradacs had taken Alex and feld to Italy shortly after losing custody.

According to Juhasz, Bradacs had sent a photo of the child to his eldest son on WhatsApp, in which the 2-year-old Alex was bleeding and appeared seriously injured. Juhasz alerted Hungarian authorities, who apparently were not able to reach police in Umbria before the episode at the supermarket.

The ex-porn star is being held at a prison in Perugia, some 30 miles away from the Lidl supermarket where she brought the body of her child. She had reportedly been living in nearby Chiusi Scalo, where she and 2-year-old Alex were staying in a home owned by her former boss at a since-closed nightclub where she had once worked.

Eyewitnesses told police that Bradacs had been “mistreating” the child the day before his death. No details of this mistreatment have yet been made public.

Italian prosecutors say that, between the security camera footage, evidence in the nearby building and alley, and the statements of witnesses, “there is no doubt” that Katalin Erzsebet Bradacs killed her son.

Bradacs’ attorney, Enrico Renzoni, has reportedly advised that she invoke her right to remain silent.

She reportedly has a second son, who is 18 and living in Hungary. His father is deceased.