Will Kate and Toby get a divorce on This Is Us? Will Kevin get back together with Sophie? Questions are swirling after the shocking finale of NBC’s hit show on Tuesday night. Now fans have countless predictions about what will happen in Season 6.


Shocking fans, the showrunners decided to have Madison call off her wedding to Kevin because he couldn’t say the words “I love you.” She decided she would not settle for scraps anymore, and she walked away. But what now? Will Kevin get back together with his longtime love Sophie?

After Tuesday’s finale, the cast of This Is Us revealed that the final season is around the corner, and according to showrunner Dan Fogleman, “there will be no looming questions when we get to the end of next season, everything will be resolved.” The twists in Tuesday’s This Is Us finale will be addressed and fans will finally get to see the future that lies ahead for the Big Three. For now, though, there are countless predictions about Kate and Kevin’s romantic relationships.

We, of course, have questions, too. Why did Sophie change her number? Is she single now? How will Kevin track her down if he deleted her number? Do Kate and Toby split up? If they do, what drove them to break up? Was it Toby’s new job that created a rift? Or does Kate fall in love with someone else?

In the episodes leading up to their humble wedding beneath a hand-built altar, Kevin and Madison’s relationship was put to the test. After a meeting with his agents discussing his career in showbiz, Kevin sees former flame Zoe Baker on a virtual interview and decides to say hello. Though their conversation is mostly free from any hint at rekindling the spark, there is a moment that foreshadows Kevin’s ultimate inability to say “I love you” to Madison.

Zoe tells Kevin that he has a habit of burying his wants to ensure others are happy. Though she claims it was a compliment, Kevin isn’t so sure. Wrought with confusion and a tad bit of anger before his bachelor party, Kevin faces another former flame, this time his ex-wife, Sophie.

Not much happens in his call with his high school sweetheart, but Kevin’s mind begins to spin. Is he really in love with Madison? Is he just taking what life throws at him and making it all work?

It’s not until he has a sit-down chat with his brother, Randall, that things become clear. He will marry Madison. Best bachelor party ever… Except, there’s still Sophie. Throughout the episode leading up to the finale, a flashback shows Kevin and Sophie’s relationship going through the wringer, only to come out stronger.

In the wedding finale, Kevin is consumed with making everything perfect. He wants this to be a romantic ending for Madison, but he forgets that he needs happiness, love, and romance, too. Wanting so much to be like his father, he pushes his feelings away to ensure Madison is getting the wedding she deserves. However, through the episode, flashbacks in Madison’s life reveal that this isn’t the wedding she deserves.

After bending to the will of countless men who don’t quite love her, Madison realizes that she deserves more. She deserves true love. And though Kevin is the superstar, nice guy that’s perfect father material, he isn’t going to give that love to her.

The episode ends with a heartfelt conversation between Kevin and Madison. They agree to continue to be parents to their twins but decide that marriage is off the table. They both deserve that true love, but they’ve realized it’s not in each other. Perhaps the final Season will bring Kevin back to his one true love, and he and Sophie will reunite after decades apart.

In an opposite turn of events, Kate and Toby work through their relationship struggles. After Toby receives a job offer in San Francisco, he and Kate must re-evaluate their commitment to one another. In their heartfelt moment at the end of the episode, the couple decides to make things work. It seems like all is well and the pair are finally set for their happy ending. Until…

A 5-year jump to the future shows Kevin getting ready for another wedding. What seems like a preparation for his vows quickly transforms into a speech for his sister, Kate. 45-year-old Kevin storms into the bridal suite and sees Madison, Beth, and finally Kate, all dressed up.

“This is the last time I’m doing this,” Kate says to Kevin, hinting that she’s getting married one last time. Kevin then leaves the suite and across the hall spots British music teacher, Phillip, heading into his room to ready for the day’s festivities. Then it becomes clear, hitting fans like a truck.

Phillip and Kate are tying the knot, and Toby is nowhere to be seen.

This Is Us fans might remember a scene in a finale a few Seasons back, where an older version of Toby is coping with depression. Kate is not in the darkened room, only Toby, who slipped into another bout of sadness. It isn’t clear what he’s sad about, and fan speculation at the time theorized that Kate had died. But perhaps Toby was upset because he’d lost his one true love, after making a selfish decision that tore him away from his family.

As Fogelman said, the final Season will have all the answers. Though there is no confirmation when Season 6 will arrive to spill the beans, fans can rest assured that it’s come and the tears will certainly fall. We hope you have tissues handy!