Katie Couric stopped by the Today show on her press tour for her new memoir, Going There, to talk about the “abusive” and “disgusting” behavior she witnessed from her co-anchor, Matt Lauer.

The two stars spent nine years together as anchors for the Today show, which ended after Lauer was fired for sexual misconduct in 2017. As a pair, the duo garnered massive ratings and a believed lasting friendship that, apparently, was never truly there.

In an awkward interview, Katie Couric told current Today show host Samatha Guthrie that everything changed when she discovered that “there was a side of Matt I never really knew.”

“We have no relationship,” the former television host revealed on Tuesday. “As I got more information and learned what was going on behind the scenes, it was really upsetting and disturbing. It was really devastating, but also disgusting.”

“I tried to understand why he behaved the way he did, and why he was so reckless and callous, and honestly abusive to other women,” she said, but the two have not spoken to each other since the fallout.

According to advanced copies of Katie Couric’s Going There, she writes: “I know Matt thinks I betrayed him, and that makes me sad. But he betrayed me, too, by how he behaved behind closed doors at the show we both cared about so much.”

Though leaving the Today show in 2006, Katie Couric returned in January 2017 to co-host with Matt Lauer on the 20th anniversary of him anchoring for NBC’s morning program. Later that year, in November, allegations surfaced that accused Matt Lauer of inappropriate behavior in the workplace, and he was promptly let go.

“Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed,” Lauer initially said of the allegations.

Three separate witnesses came forward to allege “abuse of power” in non-consensual relationships with Matt Lauer, which NBC acknowledged and quickly fired Lauer for, terminating his $20 million contract extension.

According to Katie Couric’s tell-all memoir however, she was making inappropriate jokes with Lauer the same month allegations against him would later surface.

Including text messages between herself and Matt Lauer, Katie allegedly joked “Omg what the hell did you put in my drink?? Phenobarbital????? Thank you for being such a good friend. I treasure you. Oy. XO.”

Lauer then responded saying, “The length of our friendship and the comfort that comes with that is more powerful than any drug in a drink! We have and always will have that ease and connection. I adore you back!!”

Why did Couric choose to include these awkward, self-indicting text messages? She says she “wanted to kind of share the messy parts.”

However, it’s obvious that the two had a close friendship at one time, despite her denying it on the morning show Tuesday. These messages were apparently sent just 21 days before the allegations surfaced.

“I think you see all sides of me, and my truth,” Katie Couric told Samantha Guthrie on Tuesday. “I feel comfortable with that. I think it’s kind of an emotional rollercoaster.”

“I don’t think the tone and the spirit and the content of the book is like the tabloid headlines I understand are kind of portraying it,” she said. “It is honest, but it’s very complimentary about many, many people. I think I’m harshest on myself. It’s very self-critical.”

Previous reveals from Going There included awkward comments about Prince Harry during his time of grief, Katie Couric’s aggressive dislike of Martha Stewart, and how the former television anchor was cut throat in the presence of fellow-female anchors such as Ashleigh Banfield.

“I think that when there are very few jobs for women and men are making decisions — not necessarily based on the right criteria — that sometimes you do get insecure, and sometimes you do get territorial,” she said. “I think it’s human nature… when people are outwardly kind of vying for your job, it is hard to be generous.”

Going There by Katie Couric is due for release on Oct. 26.