JoJo Siwa fans were shocked when social media sleuths uncovered that her new girlfriend, Katie Mills, was a MAGA supporter who dedicated her social media pages to former President Donald Trump. Though the TikTok phenom has not posted MAGA-related content since Dec. 2020, fans of the singer and YouTube star were worried about the types of girls she was surrounding herself with.

The two recently sat courtside together at a Lakers game. Fans noticed them at the game because JoJo was almost crushed by Phoenix Suns center Jae Crowder. Running to try to save the ball from going out of bounds, Crowder jumped just inches away from landing on top of the singer, but the incident did not stop there.

Reviewing the footage of the close call, fans pointed out Katie Mills in attendance next to JoJo, and quickly (as Internet fandoms are known to do) scrubbed her social media posts for any potentially damaging content.

Though most of Katie’s pro-MAGA messaging had been deleted, some still remained up including TikTok videos, retweeted posts, and liked Tweets, that all referenced her political leanings as of Dec. 2020.

The TikTok star mainly used her Twitter to promote Trump content around the election, fans discovered, including retweets of people stating, “lord help us if Biden gets elected.”

Katie Mills also retweeted “I’m sorry @realDonaldTrump we let you down :/,” which was found by a TikTok fan who commented, “JoJo Sia there’s so much p**** out there that isn’t MAGA p**** look at me this isn’t you” in all caps.

JoJo, who just competed on Dancing with the Stars‘ latest season and guest-hosted Ellen, recently broke up with Kylie Prew after one year together. She said that she was the “right person” for the “wrong time.” Back in the dating world just one month later, fans were surprised that the LGBTQ icon would date someone with a conservative past.

“Single Jojo is funny,” the singer joked about her change of mood leaving a relationship and entering another. “Every day she’s like, ‘I want to marry somebody,’ and then the next day she’s like, ‘Ugh, I’m so happy to be single.'”

Katie Mills, JoJo's Siwa's latest girlfriend and former MAGA supporter busted by internet sleuths
Katie Mills, JoJo’s Siwa’s latest girlfriend and former MAGA supporter busted by internet sleuths. Photo Credit: Instagram

Katie Mills also liked TERF-related tweets including one that read: “Is a transgender woman a woman? RT for Yes. Like for NO. Trying to prove a point which shouldn’t even be proven in the first place. Transgender woman are women.”

The tweet received 75,000 retweets and 27,000 likes, with Katie Mills marking a “like” for “No.”

After one fan joked that “JoJo Siwa in a relationship with a Republican was not on my 2021 bingo card,” someone allegedly close to Katie Mills responded and came to her defense, saying that “just because somebody has a different political view doesn’t make them a bad person.”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover. Katie is the sweetest girl I’ve met!” the Twitter user continued.

Others on social media, however, spread speculation that JoJo Siwa may be a former MAGA supporter, as well. Sharing a collection of Facebook posts and social media followers, one Twitter user pointed out that JoJo Siwa’s mother once said that she was against vaccinations and that JoJo Siwa herself once followed a “MAGA Donald Trump Fan Account” on Twitter that has since been suspended.

It’s still possible that at such young ages neither teen celebrity was fully aware of their actions, especially for teenagers who were also dealing with coming out as gay in historically anti-LGBTQ towns.

JoJo Siwa has yet to comment publicly about her political leanings, or those of her new girlfriend Katie Mills, but that hasn’t stopped fans from flooding their social media accounts with questions. They only want the best for you, JoJo!