Australian swimmer Kaylee McKeown got a gold medal in the women’s 100-meter backstroke, but wasn’t so graceful when it came to live TV. The swimmer accidentally dropped an F-bomb while being interviewed, and the hilarious video has gone viral.

Twitter is buzzing with reactions from the iconic Olympic moment and here are some of our favorites.

The swimmer has won four gold medals in the Youth Olympics, but this was her first during the Tokyo Olympics. Let’s just say that she was a little excited about her win. Who wouldn’t be?

The front page of Wednesday's 'The West Australian' newspaper. Kaylee McKeown dropped the f-bomb!
The front page of Wednesday’s ‘The West Australian’ newspaper. Kaylee McKeown dropped the f-bomb! Photo Credit: Twitter

The young swimmer was able to beat Canadian Kylie Masse and American swimmer Regan Smith for the gold.

She was even more excited about her win because during the 100-meter swim she also broke a record. The 20-year-old clocked in a time of 57.47 seconds, which set an Olympic record and was only .02 seconds slower than the world record she set back in June.

When asked about coming to the Tokyo Olympics, McKeown admitted that she was a little nervous. But she also said that the support system she has really got her through those jitters. “I’m just thankful I have a good support team. A few people before the race came up and said, ‘just have all the faith in the world that you have got this.”

Kaylee McKeown is from Queensland, Australia, and lives there with her sister and mother, who apparently want to talk to her later about the whole F-bomb moment. The swimmer told interviewers that she went to the Olympics and dedicated her 100-meter swim to her late father, Sholto McKeown, who died from brain cancer last year at the age of 53.

She says that her father was her greatest supporter and that it was his inspiration that helped her push through during the second lap of the 100-meter and get the gold.

During the race, McKeown made it to the front of the pack right away. But soon competitors Masse and Smith were able to swim past her. By the second lap, it looked like McKeown was stuck. Still, she was able to use her powerful endurance to forge ahead. “My legs were definitely hurting in the last 20m … but I have trained for that and I knew I had a really strong back-end and a really good chance to be on the podium.”

This 100-meter was something that swimmers everywhere were looking forward to during the Olympic games. That’s because each of the women were so similar and talented that it could have been anyone’s win. Both Masse, Smith, and most recently McKeown, have had world recorders in swimming so audiences everywhere were waiting to see who would come out with a victory. (McKeown set a swimming world recorder at the most recent Aussie Trials).

The Tokyo Olympics continue until August 8. Are you looking forward to more viral videos? Let us know in the comments section below!