Kendall Jenner posed nude for Jacquemus’ new ad campaign, and Kardashian fans can’t stop talking about how gorgeous the photos are! The 25-year-old model was completely naked in the photo except for a few well-placed objects covering her privates. Though Jenner is absolutely stunning in the advertisement, some critics feel the pictures push the envelope a bit too far.

Kendall, who is currently vacationing with Devin Booker in Italy, was more beautiful than ever in the artistic shots. The reality star stripped down to her birthday suit and held tightly to a thin, green rope dangling from the ceiling.

Kendall Jenner posed nude in new Jacquemus ad. Photo shows the model in nothing but high heels, red socks, and a well-placed pink purse.
Kendall Jenner posed nude in the new Jacquemus ad. The photo shows the model in nothing but high heels, red socks, and a well-placed pink purse. Photo Credit: Instagram

Using tennis balls as grips, Kendall Jenner dangled butt-naked in the picture, save for her bubblegum pink high heels and rose-red socks. She also had the purse in question hanging off of her right shoulder, perfectly shielding her breasts.

The bright pink purse had a lovely gold chain dangling to the side and a thick pink strap hooked over Kendall’s shoulder. The model, who seemed to be wearing minimal makeup, looked dramatically off into the distance with a sad expression on her face.

Jacquemus posted the nude photo on their Instagram account Monday, captioning the post: “LA MONTAGNE. OUT SOON, with Kendall by Drew.” The Instagram post garnered more than 306,000 likes in just five hours, drumming up a lot of buzz for the scantily clad Kendall Jenner in the foreground of the ad. While most of the feedback was positive, many commenters were quick to throw Kendall under the bus.

“Of all the models in the world, why always her,” one fan wrote on Jacquemus’ post. “She’s so so boring.”

Another commenter echoed the sentiment, writing: “Giving… Bland.” Another person pointed out that “she’s giving nothing as always.” The negativity that spread across Instagram bled into Twitter Monday. Some activists were not happy with the way Kendall Jenner treated her body for a shameless purse ad.

“Woman objectification will continue if the younger generations of models like Kendall Jenner don’t break the cycle,” one person posted on Twitter. “How can you justify as a marketing strategy for a handbag the need for a naked woman?”

Twitter user Paul Henry seconded that thought, writing: “Kendall Jenner strips down NUDE in a new ad campaign. So why do you have to take your clothes off to advertise a purse?”

The official ad is part of Jacquemus’ “La Montagne campaign, which focuses on the very pink wardrobe donned by Kendall Jenner. In one of the other ads, Kendall posed wearing Jacquemus’ “Le Pantalon Pinu,” high-waisted, bootcut pants. The company wrote that “Kendell Jenner is all about pink this season. Here, the model shows off a head-to-toe hot pink ensemble by Jacquemus at the designer’s Fall 2021 runway.”

In the photo attached, Kendall wore a complete pink ensemble. This included the bubblegum pink purse, high-waisted pants, and crop-top button-up shirt, among other fantastic pieces. It seemed as though she was walking toward the camera, her pink high heels, red bra, and long red gloves on full display.

Kendall Jenner went nude for her recent Jacquemus ad, part of the LA MONTAGNE ad campaign.
Kendall Jenner went nude for her recent Jacquemus ad, part of the LA MONTAGNE ad campaign. Photo Credit: Instagram

She wore the same outfit while walking the runway for Jacquemus in late June. During her runway strut, Kendall wore the designer’s complete “La Montagne” collection, the magenta crop top and bubblegum pink purse included.

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