Last Tuesday, when former Bachelor in Paradise couple Joe Amabile and Kendall Long broke it off for good, Kendall chose to leave the show. It seemed to BIP fans that she was jealous of Joe and Serena Pitt’s relationship and wanted to work things out with Joe.

The romance just wasn’t meant to be however, with Kendall later sharing an Instagram post alluding to her officially moving on.

“Refuse to live vicariously,” she wrote, accompanied by photos of her running in a black dress and red heels. “Dare to say no to conforming to others ideas of happiness, learn to say yes to curiosity and to leap towards things that scare you.”

“In the final chapter of life wouldn’t it hurt to look back and regret a story formed from pieces of others lives, wants and desires?” the post continued. “I do what I feel is right. I say what I need to say. I don’t regret a single thing… It’s very freeing.”

Kendall Long appears to be getting back on the horse since she left the BIP beach. The former Bachelor contestant had returned to try and see where Joe Amabile was at with their relationship, but Joe was far more interested in 23-year-old Serena Pitt.

“To be honest, I came out here because I knew it was over between us,” Joe told Kendall on the latest BIP episode. “If I didn’t feel that, I wouldn’t have came. I was also kind of under the impression that you felt the same way.”

“You were a big part of my life, and I’m always gonna care about you,” he said as he gave her a shoulder to cry on (literally), and then Kendall made her exit.

“If she truly wanted me back, she should have told me before I got here,” Joe later told the camera during Kendall Long’s departure. “Because I really, really loved her. I see how upset she is, but you know, I’m feeling things for Serena at this point.”

It was a worst-case scenario for Kendall Long, who told Us Weekly before the show premiered that her biggest fear would be having to watch Joe fall in love with someone else.

“I would not want to watch him fall in love with someone else,” she said at the time. “It would be so hard… That would suck so much.”

“I would just be signing up for another heartbreak,” she said, and sadly, another heartbreak is what she got last Tuesday.

Kendall Long did appear to be hitting it off with contestant Ivan Hall, and even apologized to him that she had to leave. But whatever their brief romance was on the BIP beach, it was not shown very much in the televised edit.

When the two were spotted kissing in the background of the Sept. 14 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, fans online were blown back in sudden disbelief. “Did I just see Kendall and Ivan making out?!?,” one commenter wrote on Twitter. “Hey producers: Why are we just glazing over this?!?”

Bustle magazine later wrote an entire breakdown of the shocking reveal, writing, “wait, Kendall and Ivan?!… a couple has formed on Bachelor In Paradise that we all totally missed.” The relationship was, however, short lived.

Although the series has yet to finish airing, rumors are swirling about Joe Amabile, 35, and Serena Pitt, 22, who currently seem to be the strongest couple on the beach. In the latest episode, the couple told each other that they were “falling in love” with each other.

According to reality television insider Reality Steve, the couple get engaged at the end of the season and have recently been spotted together on a rooftop in Chicago.