Kenneth Morgan has found a new love for chores after discovering a winning lottery ticket while cleaning his house. The 54-year-old Florida man had his stroke of luck in early July when he pulled the $1 million Powerball ticket from his drawer.

The winning ticket, which was already three months old, was purchased at a liquor store in Jacksonville, Florida in April. That dusty lottery ticket scored Kenneth Morgan a million-dollar payday, which he cashed in earlier this month.

“I was cleaning the house on the Fourth of July when I found the Powerball ticket in a drawer,” Morgan recalled during a conversation with WPTV reporters. “I checked the numbers and discovered it was a $1 million winner.”

According to the lucky man, he’s “still in shock!” The Quick Pick Powerball ticket, which Kenneth Morgan purchased from Publix Liquor Store in Jacksonville, matched all five white-ball numbers but missed out on the big jackpot since the red Powerball number was wrong. Still, Morgan isn’t complaining about the surprising million-dollar check.

Kenneth Morgan scores big after finding winning lottery ticket while cleaning his house. The $1 million Powerball ticket was found in a desk drawer on July 4th.
Kenneth Morgan scores big after finding a winning lottery ticket while cleaning his house. The $1 million Powerball ticket was found in a desk drawer on July 4th. Photo Credit: Twitter

Publix Liquor Store in Jacksonville isn’t complaining either, because the winning ticket earned the booze seller a $1,000 commission. Lottery officials announced the big win on Twitter, with a smiling picture of Kenneth Morgan, glowing with pride.

In the photo, posted to Twitter by Florida Lottery, Morgan and an unknown woman are holding the $1 million prize, six glorious zeroes following the number one. It’s likely the pair were more than ecstatic to hold their smiles, though if Morgan had waited longer, those smiles would be frowns.

Powerball tickets have a one-year expiration date, which means 365 days after the draw date the winning ticket is void. It’s unclear if Florida rules are different, though Florida Lottery Draw games have a 180-day expiration date from the draw date.

The Florida Lottery is a big-bucks venture and has generated more than $39 billion for Florida’s students and schools since its foundation in 1988. Money from each ticket sold helps provide educational funding for Florida’s schoolchildren. 

These funds are given to the Bright Futures scholarships program, as well as to provide new books, better technology, and funding for school improvement projects. All proceeds from Florida Lottery ticket sales are transferred to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund, which is then appropriated by Florida Legislature.

Kenneth Morgan’s story is not necessarily unique, as many individuals have kept million-dollar prizes locked away in drawers or stuffed between couch cushions. In May, Lea Rose Fiega accidentally threw out a $1 million lottery ticket, though it was returned by the honest store owners where she bought it. The winning ticket was reportedly stashed behind the counter for 10 days before Fiega finally retrieved it and claimed her winnings.

As for Morgan, it’s unclear what the millionaire will do with his newfound riches, but whatever it is, he owes it all to his chore-chart. He proved to many men around the world that cleaning can be profitable!