Kevin Milazzo is accused of murdering four people, including a 4-year-old boy, in a Texas killing spree. Milazzo then took his own life. The shooting took place at two different locations in Navarro County. Police are investigating the incident to determine what happened.

According to reports, officers were called to Corsicana, Texas early Saturday morning after reports of gunshots. Officers arrived at a home just after midnight to find two people deceased. They were later identified as Milazzo’s stepfather, 68-year-old Bill Mimms, and mother, 61-year-old Connie Mimms.

Two other individuals were in the home at the time of the shooting and were injured with gunshot wounds. They were taken to a Dallas area trauma center via helicopter. The names of the two individuals are unknown and according to a source they are currently in critical condition.

After the first shooting, Navarro County police were called to the intersection of Garrity and Stroud streets in Frost, Texas after reports of a second shooting. Police officers found 21-year-old Joshua Milazzo and 4-year-old Hunter Freeman dead. Joshua was Kevin Milazzo’s son and Hunter was the son of the suspect’s former girlfriend, Pattie Freeman. She was also wounded on the scene and later taken to the hospital.

Police say that all deceased and injured victims of the killing spree were either related or connected to Kevin Milazzo in some way.

Kevin Milazzo killed four
Connie and Bill Mimms were killed in a Texas quadruple homicide on Saturday. The suspect, Kevin Milazzo, was the couple’s son. (Credit: CBS YouTube)

Police were able to track Kevin Milazzo because of the GPS on his vehicle. They remotely turned off his car’s engine, and Corsicana police, Navarro County officers and the local SWAT team were able to approach the suspect on a rural road. When they got to the car, they found Kevin Milazzo in the front seat with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Officers gave the suspect first aid at the scene before transporting him to Navarro Regional Hospital, where he later died. Police continue to investigate the crimes and are trying to determine a motive for the shootings. The Corsicana Police department posted a statement regarding the quadruple homicide on their Facebook page.

According to reports, Milazzo had a long criminal record, including evading arrest, burglary, aggravated assault, assault to cause bodily injury to a family member. He also allegedly made a terroristic threat.

Since the killing spree, many people are remembering the victims and talking about how they were taken from this world too soon. Pastor Lonnie and Debbie Keele knew Connie and Bill Mimms for over 20 years. The pastor said the Texas couple loved their grandchildren and were caring to strangers.

“She would just pick up anybody on the side of the road,” Pastor Lonnie said. “I would say to her, ‘Sister Connie, do you ever know them? No, I don’t know them, but they need help — and I’m going to help them.’”

The pastors said that Kevin Milazzo had many problems, but they weren’t sure what led to his killing spree. Other friends of the victims took to Facebook and asked for prayers for those still fighting for their lives in the hospital.

Morganna Leslie, who knew the victims and suspect, said “Bill and Connie both tried to help him as much as they could. His ex-wife Heather also tried to help him as much as she could even after all he did to her. He was always not really there but I never in 1 million years thought he would do this. You just never know a person really and what they’re capable of. Please say a prayer for his children and the rest of his family, and the families of all 7 victims. He shot and killed himself as well last night.”