Khalid Barrow was charged with the murder of Nisaa Walcott on Saturday. The New York City man is accused of killing Walcott, who was his cousin, and then putting her body in a plastic storage container. Walcott had been missing for a week before her body was discovered.

According to reports, police were able to connect Khalid Barrow with the murder after surveillance footage outside of Nisaa Walcott’s apartment showed the cousins entering the building, but only Barrow leaving the apartment. Video also shows Barrow leaving the apartment 12 a.m. Friday with a large plastic bin. The 21-year-old was charged with murder.

A second individual was also seen in the video helping Khalid Barrow load and transport the container to the dumping location in the Bronx. That individual has not been identified.

Officers believe that Barrow used Walcott’s phone to communicate with her family members and make them believe that she was still alive. Relatives became concerned when many of the texts didn’t match up with Walcott’s prior communication.

“The language that was being used was like, wait a minute, that’s not my sister,” her brother Eugene Butler said. Butler reported his sister missing.

A text from “Walcott” that said she was going on a business trip and that Khalid Barrow would be watching her 14-year-old son made family members very suspicious. According to those close to Nisaa Walcott, the 35-year-old allowed her cousin to live with them.

Khalid Barrow Nisaa Walcott
Khalid Barrow was charged with the murder of his cousin, Nisaa Walcott. The woman’s body was found in a large plastic bin on a Bronx sidewalk. (Credit: Facebook)

Nisaa Walcott’s body was found on Friday near a storage unit on 950 University Ave. in the Highbridge section of the Bronx. Her body had been stuffed inside a plastic bin and was discovered by a man who frequents the area looking for resell items. He discovered a leg and called 911.

When police arrived on the scene, they declared Nisaa Walcott dead. A cause of death has not been determined and officials are waiting for an autopsy by the city’s medical examiner. A motive for the murder has also not been determined.

Those who knew Nisaa Walcott were shocked to hear about her brutal death. Many said that the 35-year-old was a cheerful person and loving mother to her son. A neighborhood called Walcott a “hard worker” who always had a smile on her face.

He said, “She gave a big smile to everyone. She cared for her son. She was a great woman, a hard worker. She would come from work and go home.”

Khalid Barrow Nisaa Walcott
Family and friends continue to mourn the death of Nisaa Walcott. The 35-year-old leaves behind a son. (Credit: Facebook)

Friends remembered the 35-year-old for her beautiful personality and said that she didn’t deserve to die in such a gruesome way. “The way she died did not represent who she was as a person,” her friend, Delia Soto, said. “She’s full of life, full of everything that makes people happy. She sees you sad, she smiles with you.”

Another friend, Luz Droz, said, “She was a beautiful person, hard worker, she was a single mother, she was an entrepreneur she worked hard, and she didn’t deserve this.”

Friends and family have started a memorial outside of Nisaa Walcott’s apartment. Numerous candles have been placed outside her home to remember the amazing person that she was.

A GoFundMe page has been started for Walcott and her son. The page has a goal of $15,000 and according to them, “Nissa was so loving and such a super mom. She definitely had big dreams and she was making it happen. She leaves behind her intelligent son Omir who is now about to grow up without his mother. We are asking for any donations to help provide for her funeral costs, legal fees and help to better assist her loving son.”

Police continue to investigate the Bronx murder.