Kid Trunks, a 21-year-old Florida rapper, has revealed that he told his fans many lies over the course of his music career. He apologized for lying.

According to the Broward County rapper and original affiliate of the late XXXTentacion’s Members Only crew, he never had lung cancer or got shot in the face, despite previously stating otherwise.

Kid Trunks came clean in an emotional Instagram livestream video on Tuesday, apologizing for his actions. Speaking to his fans, which Spotify reports as over 821,314 monthly listeners, he attempted to explain why he didn’t tell the truth from the start.

“First of all, I do wanna apologize for what I said about me getting shot. I did not get shot.” he stated in the video. “Around the time that I did what I did, I’m not trying to blame or make any excuses up for what I did, what I did was very corny, dumb, stupid and r******d on my behalf, and I can admit that as a man.”

Kis Trunks, who takes his name from a character in the anime Dragon Ball Z, was reportedly in the hospital with seizures at the time, when he suffered an injury in one fit that cut his face.

“I had a seizure in the hospital and I had the Covid mask over my face and I was straining myself. You know, they have a metal string in the Covid mask and it popped out and I cut myself in the chin,” he admitted, adding that his drug addiction, which makes him “do impulsive things” is what put him in the hospital with seizures in the first place.

XXXTentacion’s death also weighed heavily on the young rapper, who struggled to find footing in the industry without the controversial rapper there to lead them. The SoundCloud rapper was murdered at the age of 20 when he was fatally shot outside of motorcycle dealership in Deerfield Beach, Fl.

Kid Trunks, Members Only rapper, admitted he lied about getting shot
Kid Trunks, Members Only rapper, admitted he lied about getting shot. Photo Credit: YouTube

“I felt that my career was going down. I felt like I wasn’t getting as much love as I used to be,” Kid Trunks explained in the Instagram video. “They say clout is a hell of a drug, but drug is a hell of a drug. I felt that me lying about getting shot would work on my behalf, which it didn’t. And honestly, that was probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever f***ing done. Yes, I was clout-chasing, I will admit that.”

Kid Trunks also admitted that he lied about having lung cancer, but that he does have “an abscess growing in my chest and in the back of my brain that is cancerous.”

He apologized to the rest of his Members Only crew, as well, told his fans not to bring XXXTentacion’s name into his mess, and prayed that he would have forgiven him. He also thanked his group for their support during this time and promised to be better for his fans.

“You guys don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to… Like I’m saying, I’m not trying to make excuses for myself. I’m not trying to seek any sympathy right now, but I am going through a lot mentally, spiritually, physically,” Kid Trunks continued on Instagram. “I just really wanna apologize from the bottom of my heart.”

The “777” rapper promised that he would try to seek rehabilitation for his Percocet addiction while he’s on vacation, and that he wants to get clean to avoid the fate of so many young stars who accidentally overdose.

“Really and truly, if I don’t change now, the only result that’s gonna happen is death, and we all don’t want that,” he told his fans. “Sometimes it takes the best of me.”