Kim Mi-soo, a K-Drama actress best known for role in the romance series Snowdrop, suddenly died at the age of 29 on Wednesday. As of Wednesday, the cause of death had not been confirmed.

“Kim suddenly left us on Jan. 5,” her entertainment agency Landscape said in an official statement released Wednesday afternoon. “The bereaved are deep in their sorrow at the sudden sadness.”

The agency asked fans online to “please refrain from reporting false rumors or speculation so that the family can mourn in peace,” prompting viewers to post their condolences and shock at the young South Korean actress’ untimely passing.

Her funeral will be held privately at the Nowon-gu district of Seoul, according to Poongpyeong Entertainment, at the Taeneungseong Heart Funeral Home in Gongneung-dong.

“Please pray for the well-being of the deceased, and once again we send our deepest condolences to the deceased on her last journey,” her agency concluded.

Kim Mi-soo in 'Snowdrop,' a K-Drama series about romance during the political struggles of 1980's South Korea
Kim Mi-soo in ‘Snowdrop,’ a K-Drama series about romance during the political struggles of 1980’s South Korea. Photo Credit: ‘Snowdrop’ / Disney+

Before starring in Snowdrop, Kim Mi-soo made appearances in popular K-dramas and romances such as Lipstick Revolution and Kyungmi’s World. She was also a graduate of the Korea National University of Arts for acting and starred in Netflix’s The School Nurse Files and Hellbound.

Before her death, Kim Si-moo and Hellbound knocked Squid Game off of their consecutive 46-week streak as the top streamed Korean series on Netflix. The supernatural story about demons who drag people back to hell overtook the popular South Korean dystopian drama following rave reviews from the pilot’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Acting alongside Ji-soo of the globally popular K-pop group BLACKPINK, she landed a supporting role on Snowdrop as the megastar’s dorm-mate. Seven of the ongoing series’ episodes aired before her death, with nine more still to be released. Filming wrapped up months ago, however, according to the South China Morning Post, but it is unknown if the romance series will address her death in any on-air tribute.

The series premiered in December in South Korea, and was recently picked up by Disney+ where it would be branded as an “original” Disney K-drama series.

A period piece set in 1987, Snowdrop tells the story of romance amid political turmoil during the pro-democracy movement in Korea. The show received some backlash for its depictions of North Koreans, however, as well as its historical inaccuracy.

According to Variety, multiple sponsors allegedly pulled out after a petition to South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in garnered over 300,000 signatures. The controversy also hurt the public image of Ji-soo from BLACKPINK and the stocks at her record label YG Entertainment.

Disney+ still plans to release Snowdrop as an original, as well as Kiss Six Sense, another series starring Kim Mi-soo that is still in production. SpoTV News in South Korea reported that the Kiss Six Sense crew stopped filming today to spend time to grieve Kim Mi-soo as they plan what to do about the upcoming series.

Adoring fans sent messages of condolences on Twitter, taking to social media to mourn the sudden loss of the young K-drama actress.

“Rest in peace miss Kim Mi-Soo,” one fan wrote. “Watching Snowdrop and the room 207 squad will never be the same again… You will always have a special place in our hearts.”

“The news of Kim Mi-soo passing away has shocked us,” another fan said. “There will always be a void in me when I watch Mi-soo in her projects, but I want to celebrate her life, fill the void with her pride, happiness and memories. Hopefully, she is in a better place, Rest In Peace Angel.”

“I may have only known you as jeongmin in snowdrop but you already made great impact to a lot of people, you are so brave,” another viewer shared. “Thank you for your art, you left a great mark in this world. Rest in peace, Kim Mi-Soo.”