Kolby Cooper isn’t a household name just yet, but his country music has amassed huge numbers across music streaming platforms. People all over the country are tuning in to hear songs that are “authentically Kolby” but few know who that even is. So as the country singer’s career is getting ready to explode, people want to know: Who is Kolby Cooper? And why are fans so obsessed with his wicked tunes?

Kolby Cooper is a Country Music Phenomenon

Since his first album Good Ones Never Last debuted in 2019, Kolby Cooper has amassed over 120 million streams across music streaming platforms. Those impressive numbers are usually reserved for huge celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo but Kolby’s songs are hitting top charts across the country. While his fanbase is relatively small, his fans are dedicated. And with their support, Kolby is getting ready for the next stage in his career.  

Kolby just released his first EP as a signed artist, according to the biography on his website. The country singer released the hit album Boy From Anderson County on August 6 after partnering with BBR Music Group / Wheelhouse Records. The songs are celebrated for their relatability.

Previously Kolby was known for his songs that transformed his friends’ life stories into heart-wrenching and powerful art. His new EP follows suit but Kolby used bits and pieces of his own life to revolutionize the pattern.

Who is Kolby Cooper? Country singer releases amazing new EP: 'Boy From Anderson County'
Who is Kolby Cooper? Country singer releases amazing new EP: ‘Boy From Anderson County’ Photo Credit: Instagram

As described in his biography, Kolby’s new EP stacks “the release with high-energy rockers, scorching break-up anthems, and reflective love songs.” In conjunction with the EP’s release, Kolby is performing on tour throughout the rest of 2021. He will be “headlining sold-out shows all over the country,” his bio said, “bringing with him his signature blend of Lonestar State roots, rough-hewn vocals, and wailing electric guitar.”

His songs promise to showcase an authentic Kolby, but there’s more to the artist than the myths shared in his songs. He’s got a wild history that has sparked true art.

He’s a Parent

Kolby Cooper is big, bulky, and a little scruffy, but there is more to him than meets the eye. The gruff country singer is a father of two who is absolutely crazy about his 3-year-old daughter Josie and his 9-month-old daughter Charlee. According to the 22-year-old musician, “my favorite thing to do is literally anything that they want to do.” He told People that “just getting to spend time with them is what means the most to me. We play hide and seek a lot.”

Kolby Cooper loves his family! The country singer takes inspiration from what he knows to make songs that are authentically him.
Kolby Cooper loves his family! The country singer takes inspiration from what he knows to make songs that are authentically him. Photo Credit: Instagram

Kolby posts plenty of pictures of his adorable family on Instagram. From Josie’s third birthday party to cute concert pics, the Instagram photos are beyond adorable. The posts show that Kolby has balance in his life, and isn’t simply obsessed with his music.

He Found the Love of his Life in 3rd Grade

What makes Kolby’s story even more authentic is that he has stayed true to love. According to the singer, he met his match in the third grade and hasn’t let go.

“I met my wife there when I was in third grade,” he admitted during an interview. He added that “we’ve been best friends since fourth grade and in our senior year, we started dating and got pregnant about a year later when we were 18.”

He explained that “at 19, we got married. On July 20th [of this year], we celebrated our third wedding anniversary. In a couple of days, my daughter will turn three, and a few days after that, our youngest daughter turns nine months old.”

Kolby Cooper’s romance plays a big role in his music and fans can catch glimpses of that intense love in his songs.

He Writes What He Knows

What makes Kolby Cooper’s music so enticing to fans is that he plays what he knows. On top of his signature Texas twang and the soothing – and sometimes harsh – sounds of his electric guitar, the country singer plays songs that are near and dear to his heart. He tells stories that are real and human.

“I would say that if a true fan looks at everything we do, there is not much they don’t know about me,” Kolby explained to People. “At least, that’s always been my goal.”

He continued, saying that “I think that comes from me meeting some people when I was younger that were people I looked up to, and then I met them and realized I never really knew them. I want people to know me well enough through my music, through social media, through articles, through everything…that they can come up to me and be like, ‘Dude, what’s up?’”

He is Inspired by Loss, Love and Waylon Jennings

Kolby Cooper was born in Palestine 22 years ago, but was raised in the small town of Bradford, Texas. The big farming community and country lifestyle inspired his love for music, specifically Texas twang-filled country music.

While his artistic inspirations include Waylon Jennings, Nirvana, Chris LeDoux, and Alan Jackson, his biggest push toward music was his mom. It was his mom that sat him down a couple of years ago and told him to take the music business seriously. Now he’s topping charts and selling out stadiums.

Kolby Cooper was also inspired by his father. He told an interviewer that “when I was a freshman in high school, my dad passed away.” Kolby admitted that it “really impacted” him.

“He’s not musical or anything,” Kolby continued, “but we always bonded over music together. He was a big supporter of me when I started playing. I only played for a year before he passed away, so I was definitely terrible. But he really supported me and that made me really want to do this.”

It’s certainly paid off!