Kubra Dogan, a Turkish TikTok star, died Friday while filming a video with her cousin Helen in Istanbul, Turkey. The devastating incident was recorded on camera, Helen documenting her cousin’s tragic death with shocking footage. Dogan and Helen were reportedly filming the sunset video on the roof of their apartment building when the TikToker plunged 160 feet to her death.

The 23-year-old influencer was visiting her cousin in the Esenyurt district in Istanbul on Friday. The pair wanted to film a TikTok video on the roof during the sunset. While filming and taking selfies, Kubra Dogan stepped on a gray plastic covering spread across the roof. The flimsy plastic ripped and Dogan fell through, plummeting to her death.

According to reports, both Kubra Dogan and her cousin Helen had already spent a few minutes capturing footage on the roof before the fatal incident occurred. They were hanging out on the roof of the family’s apartment complex around 7:30 p.m. local time. Helen caught it all on camera.

Helen’s video shows Kubra posing in various spots around the roof. Eventually, the Turkish TikTok star sits down on the edge of the roof. Dogan then steps down onto a lower part of the roof while Helen turns the camera toward herself, making it very clear she is nervous about the risks. A moment later, Helen pans the camera back towards Kubra Dogan as the TikToker steps onto the panel.

The plastic roofing panel tore and the Dogan fell 160 feet – or 9 stories – to the street below. Helen sprinted to her family’s apartment where she relayed the devastating news. Emergency services arrived shortly after. Paramedics pronounced Kubra Dogan dead at the scene.

Kubra Dogan was filming a video with her cousin on a roof in Istanbul when she plunged 160 feet to her death.
Kubra Dogan was filming with her cousin on a roof in Istanbul when she plunged 160 feet to her death. Photo Credit: Twitter

Dogan’s family was furious. Not only at the risky stunt but at the contractor who was responsible for installing the plastic roofing panel. Kubra’s uncle, Nebi Dogan, claimed he is suing the contractor and “will not give up” until he is brought to justice.

Nebi Dogan said that “we will not let him go. As soon as the girl puts her foot down, [the panel] breaks and she falls to the ground from the ninth floor.” The uncle did admit that the family warned the pair about making TikTok videos on the roof and other “dangerous” places.

“We warned them, but they did not obey,” Nebi Dogan explained. According to reports, Dogan’s body will be transported to her hometown in Midyat – in the Mardin province of Turkey – where she will be buried.

What happened to Kubra Dogan? Turkish TikTok star falls nine stories while filming a dangerous TikTok video.
What happened to Kubra Dogan? Turkish TikTok star falls nine stories while filming for TikTok. Photo Credit: Twitter

TikTok deaths have become an epidemic among stars on the platform. There have been several instances of TikTokers and other popular social media influencers dying while filming content for their accounts. Chinese TikTok star Xiao Qiumei died in late July while recording a video for her social media account. The 23-year-old was working as a crane operator when she fell more than 160 feet to her death.

Xiao Qiumei was reportedly distracted by her phone while descending from the crane when she slipped and fell. She had just finished filming a TikTok where she was dancing inside the crane’s control booth. Her tragic death is just one of many social media stars risking their lives for content.

A week later, Danish YouTuber Albert Dyrlund fell to his death while filming content for his popular YouTube channel. The 22-year-old was filming in Forcella Pana in Italy when he plunged more than 656 feet to his death. He was filming the video atop Mount Secesa in Val Gardena.