Kyle Meyers drowned in Sunset Lake in Bridgewater over the weekend. The 4-year-old boy died in the tragic accident late Friday night, according to authorities. Meyers’ death is still being investigated by the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office and the Bridgewater Police Department reports said.

At around 8:37 p.m. on Friday, Bridgewater police received a horrific 911 call describing a child who drowned in Sunset Lake. Kyle Meyers died near North Shore Drive, according to Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson. When officers arrived on the scene they found bystanders performing CPR on the 4-year-old boy. Meyers was then rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

In a press conference Monday, Robertson and the Bridgewater police chief, Paul Payne, announced that a preliminary investigation has determined that the drowning was accidental. An autopsy report by the New Jersey Northern Regional Medical Examiner’s Office is still pending.

Bridgewater police are investigating what happened to Kyle Meyers (also known as Kyle Jaymes). The young boy died after drowning in Sunset Lake Friday.
Bridgewater police are investigating what happened to Kyle Meyers (also known as Kyle Jaymes). The young boy died after drowning in Sunset Lake Friday. Photo Credit: GoFundMe

Kyle Meyers’ family is raising money to cover his funeral expenses. Michael Mclaughlin, president of the Sunset Lake Association, organized a GoFundMe page to support the family during their time of mourning. The page has raised over $26,000 since its creation on Monday.

Friday’s tragic accident is detailed in a post on the GoFundMe page. “On Friday night a neighbor within our community, Sheila Meyers, suffered a horrible tragedy when her 4-year-old son, Kyle, accidentally drowned at Sunset Lake,” the post read. “Our members took heroic action to try and save his life prior to the arrival of emergency services and the police, and I am grateful for their efforts.”

The post continued, saying that the accident “occurred immediately before movie night was to begin and several of our members and their children played with Kyle in an hour or so before events unfolded. One of our members accompanied Sheila to the hospital and I am grateful for her help as well.”

“As a community, we are deeply wounded,” the post added. “Several of you have expressed a willingness to help Sheila and her family with funeral expenses, prepared meals, etc. I have reached out to Sheila’s family and communicated this and her family is appreciative of our concern. This GoFundMe is Sunset Lake’s effort to help.”

There will also be a memorial service or candlelight vigil in honor of Kyle Meyers, according to the GoFundMe. The services will “help our community process [its] grief.” Mclaughlin wrote that “information regarding that will be forthcoming.”

What happened to  Kyle Meyers? Family mourns after 4-year-old child drowned in Bridgewater lake.
What happened to Kyle Meyers? Family mourns after a 4-year-old child drowned in Bridgewater lake. Photo Credit: GoFundMe

A separate GoFundMe page was set up by Kyle Meyers’ aunt Laurie Wessel. The page has raised over $10,000 to “help with funeral expenses, medical care for Sheila, and [to help] her get through this” horrible time. “As she is struggling to put her life back together, the daily expenses don’t take time off,” Wessel wrote. “She has only been at her new job with Catholic Charities for 3 weeks and we don’t know if they will be able to hold her job for when she can go back to work.”

According to his aunt, Kyle Meyers “loved Paw Patrol and dancing. His smile lit up the room and he loved people. He had a ready hug for everyone. What a beautiful spirit. I cannot believe he was taken from us so soon. Aunt Laurie loves you little buddy. You held the whole world in that smile.”

Laurie Wessel continued, saying that her sister is “inconsolable.” Wessel wrote that “Kyle is her only child, her reason for living, her happiness. How does one survive? She is strong, but this is inconceivable. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she tries to put one foot in front of the other. It hurts her just to breathe. I know that Kyle is in a safe place, and I am hoping he is in Heaven in his grandma’s arms. But please pray for Sheila to have the strength to go on living.”