The makeup artist, Samuel Rauda, underwent emergency surgery on March 14 after a horrific car accident. A GoFundMe was set up to cover medical expenses, and while the makeup artist was in a fight for his life, Kylie Jenner pleaded with fans to contribute. Originally the goal was $10,000, but it has since been increased to an astounding $120,000, to help Samuel Rauda pay off medical expenses and prepare for the rough road ahead. The plea has sparked controversy and has fans writhing at the wealthy celebrity. 

The Instagram story, which asked fans to help pay off Rauda’s piling medical bills, has since expired, but the outlash against Kylie Jenner has only grown. Dedicated fans who follow Kylie on social media are outraged at her plea, as she only contributed $5,000 to the GoFundMe page. What bothers fans is that Kylie Jenner has a net worth of $900 million and paying off Rauda’s medical debts would be extremely easy. In 2020, Forbes pronounced Kylie Jenner the highest paid celebrity of the year, a fact that only strengthens fan’s anger at the situation. 

Kylie Jenner Controversy

The world economy is still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and people are struggling to pay bills of their own. While it seems like a kind gesture that Kylie Jenner used her fame to elicit fans to help her friend, many find it insensitive. 22Minutes tweeted that in the time it took Kylie Jenner to write her thoughtful tweet and post the Instagram story, she earned enough to fund her friend’s medical care herself. 

A quick look at the GoFundMe page for Samuel Rauda shows that Kylie Jenner isn’t even the highest paying contributor to the page, with both Mjay Al Thani and Huda Kattan taking the top two slots. Other celebrities, including notable star Bella Thorne, have donated as much, or close to, Kylie Jenner’s $5,000 donation. The problem most fans are having isn’t the amount Kylie donated, but that she asked fans as though they too had a wildly successful makeup company, like Kylie’s Cosmetics. 

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Among a series of tweets outraged at Kylie Jenner’s actions, Nicole Perez tweeted a meme that pokes fun at the situation. The tweet jokes that Kylie Jenner would rather spend $60,000 for a designer bag than for her friend’s life. With over 1,600 retweets, it’s safe to say that many fans agree. The hard truth is that Kylie’s wealth and success make her more than capable of funding Rauda’s expenses, but still, she finds herself turning to fans. 

The GoFundMe page has nearly $100,000 as of Monday, March 22, and the $120,000 goal seems in reach. While Samuel Rauda’s current state is unknown, Page Six reported that the surgery went well. The makeup artist is continuing to fight amid his struggles, but with the GoFundMe donations, hopefully, he won’t have as many financial struggles to face. As for Kylie’s current controversy, social media is flooding with hateful messages and angered responses, but Kylie continues to post on Twitter despite fans’ attitudes.