Lance Tsosie, a popular Navajo TikToker who goes by the name Modern Warrior on social media, posted a video and announced that he would be deleting his account and removing himself from TikTok. Many fans believe that relationship drama with Chelsea Hart is to blame.

In his farewell video, Tsosie explained that he was tired of being threatened and stalked by people on the app and that he hadn’t enjoyed using TikTok for a while. Lance Tsosie, who had about 3 million followers before he deleted his account, typically posted about Native American culture.

The former Tiktoker told his followers that he was still planning on teaching people about his culture and said that they could follow him on Instagram.

Many fans believe that Lance Tsosie’s former relationship with Tiktoker Chelsea Hart prompted him to leave the app. The couple reportedly developed some drama that was broadcasted on TikTok and spurred users to threaten Tsosie.

The couple had dated for six months before their drama spread across the app. Hart, who has about 2 million followers, claimed that Tsosie lied about their relationship status and had unprotected sex with multiple partners without her knowledge.

She said that he did this without her consent and never revealed that he was sleeping with other people.

“You felt entitled to my body because I trusted you,” Hart said in a Tiktok video viewed over 2.2 million times. “You violated my trust. I almost want an STD test.”

In a follow-up video, also posted last Wednesday, Hart shared more of the drama. She said, “Lance violated my body in a way I didn’t consent to. I did not consent to unprotected sex with multiple partners.” Hart went on to say that while she had posted about her allegations, she didn’t want fans to go after or cancel Lance Tsosie because she believed that the Navajo TikToker could change.

Lance Tsosie Chelsea Hart
Tiktoker Chelsea Hart accused Lance Tsosie of sexual misconduct and having unprotected sex with other people during their relationship. (Credit: Instagram)

Amanda Marie, another Tiktoker, later posted a video saying that Tsosie had unprotected sex with her and violated her consent. Marie went on to say that she had also been in a relationship with Lance Tsosie during his relationship with Chelsea Hart.

She said, “He is a liar. He is a manipulator. And I told him I wouldn’t do this, I told myself I wouldn’t do this, but I am doing this because this is insane.”

Both women claim that before having unprotected sex, Tsosie told them that he had safe sex with other partners and that they were the only ones.

Lance Tsosie went on to post an apology video to both women and blamed his lack of communication for the sexual misconduct. That video was deleted, and Tsosie has not apologized again for the alleged sexual misconduct allegations.

Chelsea fought back and said, “I may be pregnant with your child, and you are apologizing for your communication. Don’t you dare try to apologize for your communication? Why don’t you apologize for taking advantage of my vulnerability to get in my pants.”

It is unclear if Chelsea Hart is really pregnant with Lance Tsosie’s child.

When the drama got out, Tsosie lost over 200,000 followers. Other videos said that false rumors were being spread about him and that he even got death threats because of what Chelsea and Amanda were saying about the relationships. It is unclear if these death threats were real.

Chelsea Hart has also received backlash for her role in the relationship drama. Many fans blamed the TikToker for using her “white woman tears,” and making false accusations against Tsosie.