Rep. Lauren Boebert made waves with her shocking Let’s Go Brandon dress that is thought to troll progressive AOC. The dress, which is similar to the Tax the Rich dress that AOC wore at the Met Gala, has gone viral om Twitter.

The dress, which is red with white lettering, is featured in a picture of Lauren Boebert standing next to former President Donald Trump. Boebert, who posted the picture, turned her back to the camera so the Let’s Go Brandon phrase was visible.

Boebert captioned the tweet, “It’s not a phrase. It’s a movement,” and many think that the representative was trolling not only AOC, but the whole Democratic party for their recent election losses.

Many Republicans find the dress funny and, according to a source close to the former president, it made Trump smile when he saw it.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has yet to comment on Boebert’s dress or the similarities that it has to her Met Gala look. The progressive representative said about her own dress that she wanted to break the fourth wall and make a statement when it came to her outfit.

AOC's Tax the Rich dress was mocked by Rep. Lauren Boebert and her Let's Go Brandon dress. People think that the Republican lawmaker is trying to troll the Democrats after their disappointing election. (Credit: Instagram)
AOC’s Tax the Rich dress was mocked by Rep. Lauren Boebert and her Let’s Go Brandon dress. People think that the Republican lawmaker is trying to troll the Democrats after their disappointing election. (Credit: Instagram)

AOC said, “And we said, we can’t just play along, but we need to break the fourth wall and challenge some of the institutions, and while the Met is known for its spectacle, we should have a conversation about it.”

In her Instagram post, the progressive lawmaker thanked her designer for the dress and told fans that now was the time for change. She said, “The time is now for childcare, healthcare, and climate action for all. Tax the Rich. And yes, BEFORE anybody starts wilding out – NYC elected officials are regularly invited to and attend the Met due to our responsibilities in overseeing our city’s cultural institutions that serve the public. I was one of several in attendance.”

Ben Stout, communications director for Boebert, said that the representative’s meeting with the former president went extremely well and that the dress had a lot to do with it

He said, “It’s not just a phrase, it’s a movement, right? And people are sick and tired of this administration and all the destructive things they’ve done, especially to our economy, and the way that they express that right now is with ‘Let’s go, Brandon.’” 

Stout continued and added, “the meeting [with Trump] went phenomenal. Congresswoman Boebert has been a leader of the Make America Great Again movement and a leader for pushing President Trump’s agenda forward in Congress. And so the meeting went phenomenally well. They discussed how destructive the Biden administration has been and the importance of putting President Trump policies in place that we can get America back on track.”

According to Lauren Boebert’s office, the dress was designed by Andre Soriano, who also designed Joy Villa’s 2017 Make America Great Again dress for the Grammys.

Let’s Go Brandon has become a phrase very popular with Republicans and anti-Biden supporters. It originated after a NASCAR sports announcer misheard chants of “f-ck you Biden,” for fans chanting for driver Brandon Brown.

The Republican party has since turned it into a meme and used the phrase to troll Biden supporters and have started to print Let’s Go Brandon on hats, t-shirts, and even gun parts. Certain gun companies, such as My Southern Tactical, have started to make gun clips featuring the phrase along with comical pictures of President Joe Biden.

Let’s Go Brandon has been used even more since the Democrats suffered disappointing losses during this week’s election. Both the seats for the governor of Virginia and a senate seat in New Jersey went to Republican lawmakers. Democrats also lost local elections in Long Island.

Republicans say that this marks the start of a new “red wave” in America ahead of the next presidential election.

The Republican wins were not what the Democrats were looking for. With the recent changes to the House and Senate, the lead that Democrats have has narrowed. In the House, the party leads the majority by only eight seats and things are even narrower in the Senate.

Many Democrats are pointing fingers at President Biden for the election results and say that his bigger-than- life proposals are dividing the country even more.