Florida senator Lauren Book is addressing her past trauma and changing Florida law for the better. The Democratic senator created a law that will make it illegal to buy and trade nude images. Her inspiration? Book had her own nude images stolen from her.

According to Book, the person who stole her photos tried to extort her. During the investigation she learned that her photos, some of them of her and her husband, had been traded since 2020. The Florida senator believes the images were stolen off the Cloud.

Investigators later told her that the images were sent from virtual private networks in Russia and Sweden.

“I hate that this happened to me,” Book told the Associated Press. “I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. But I’ll take it, because I know that I can do something about it.”

Lauren Book decided to take her pain and use it to make a difference in Florida law. The bill, which was unanimously passed Tuesday, strengthens Florida’s revenge porn law and makes it illegal to trade, sell, or buy nude images off a cellphone or other digital devices. It would also make altered sexual images, such as deepfakes, illegal.

The current Florida revenge porn law makes the posting of sexually explicit material illegal.

Lauren Book nude images
Lauren Book passed a bill that will make it illegal to sell, buy, and trade nude images from a cellphone or mobile device. (Credit: Facebook)

After her bill passed, Lauren Book posted a message of strength to her supporters. She said, “When it comes to digital bad actors, the law has simply not caught up with technology. This bill will transform the way the state of Florida prosecutes and enforces ‘cyber trafficking,’ where images are uploaded to the darkest corners of the Internet for people to buy, sell, trade, and use however else they see fit. Horrifically, once these images are online, they never truly go away. It’s time for change.”

According to the Florida senator, when she found out her nudes had been leaked, it brought up a lot of traumatic memories from her past. Lauren Book was sexually abused for six years by her childhood nanny and has used that pain to help others as a senator. She even opened a nonprofit to help other sexual abuse victims.

The 38-year-old said if it wasn’t for her children, then she wouldn’t be alive after the nude images leaked.

She said, “Truth be told, if it weren’t for my children, I would have ended my life. It brought up all of the stuff. All of it that you think that you’ve gotten under your belt, that you’ve fixed it and you’ve changed it and then all of a sudden here it is in front of your face.”

She said the worst part were the online conversations about her photos. Many of the people were talking about trying to find videos of her rape.

“They were reading about who I was and talking about how I’m a survivor of rape, so let’s try to get some rape videos. Can we get some of her getting raped, killed, tortured? Can we make some of that? Can we find it? How can we get it?” Book said.

Many of Lauren’s supporters have applauded the Florida senator for her bravery and ability to stand up and share her experiences. They took to Twitter to show their support after the passing of the bill.

One person said, “Hard to imagine someone being put in that position. You are very brave. Those who do things like this should face serious punishment.”