Lauren Pazienza’s parents, Daniel and Caroline, may also face charges after their 26-year-old daughter shoved Broadway vocal coach Barbara Gustern, who died five days later from sustained injuries.

According to The Sun, if prosecutors can prove that they helped Lauren Pazienza “hide out at their Long Island home for two weeks” following the incident, they may face charges for allegedly lying to police, aiding and abetting, or obstructing justice.

Earlier in March, police arrived at their Long Island home after receiving an anonymous tip that Pazienza was hiding out there. According to New York Police Department detectives, her father Daniel Pazienza declared that she was not at home, but he also did not consent to a search of the property without a search warrant.

“If it could be shown that they knew she was wanted by the police and voluntarily assisted her,” Columbia law professor and CNN legal analyst Jessica Rogers told The Sun. “That intent element is important, though.”

Following Lauren Pazienza’s arrest after turning herself in to police, her parents reportedly did not answer questions from reporters.

“It was only at that point, despite all of the media attention that this incident has received, despite the fact that the defendant knew what she had done when she fled the city, despite the pleas from the victim’s loved ones begging for the perpetrator to come forward, that the defendant’s counsel contacted the police and arranged for her to surrender,” the criminal complaint read. Before then, Lauren Pazienza allegedly “made every effort to avoid detection.”

Lauren Pazienza. 26-year-old NYC event planner, charged with manslaughter
Lauren Pazienza. 26-year-old NYC event planner, charged with manslaughter. Photo Credit: NYPD

New details about Lauren Pazienza also emerged following her arrest, including testimonials from acquaintances who called her “reckless” and “pure trouble.” Held on manslaughter charges, NYC event planner Lauren Pazienza was reportedly prone to violence, according to former Fashion Institute of Technology classmates. Her former classmates also shared a video in which Pazienza is seen mocking deaf people.

“She never faced any consequences in her life,” one former friend said. “She was enabled by her parents who got her out of everything.”

The unprovoked attack against Barbara Gustern seemed to have no motive as she approached the woman at random from across the street.

There was “no apparent reason” for the alleged attack, the NYPD’s criminal complaint read, adding that Lauren Pazienza called her a “b***h” before shoving her to the ground.

Helped to the hospital by a bicyclist passing by and her friends waiting for her just outside her apartment, she succumbed to her injuries five days later. The New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner concluded that the Broadway vocal coach’s cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. She was 87 years old.

Broadway singing coach Barbara Gustern, 87, died after being shoved on the street
Broadway singing coach Barbara Gustern, 87, died after being shoved on the street. Photo Credit: Facebook

During a press conference, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig called the attack a “disgusting and disgraceful offense,” adding that it was “horrific… an 87-year-old woman, just walking down the street, knocked to the ground.”

Lauren Pazienza’s attorney, Arthur Aidala, later stated in response that there was no proof his client committed the assault and that all the police had was “a photo of someone who looks like my client getting on the subway.”

Gustern, who coached Blondie’s lead singer Debbie Harry and the 2019 Broadway revival cast for Oklahoma!, was beloved by the Broadway community. The 87-year-old had recently found a second career as a vocal coach and volunteered at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater.

She is survived by her grandson AJ Gustern. A funeral for Barbara Gustern is scheduled for Saturday, March 26.