Earlier in the week, a Californian father killed his two children believing they were connected to the lizard people. He believed that by killing them he would be saving the world. This strange conspiracy theory has become popular in recent months with far-right and QAnon supporters. But what are the bizarre origins of the “lizard people”?

What Are Lizard People?

People who believe in the lizard people conspiracy theory think that many of our governments are run by shape-shifting space lizards.
People who believe in the lizard people conspiracy theory think that many of our governments are run by shape-shifting space lizards. Photo Credit: Instagram

Those who believe in the lizard people conspiracy theory think that our world is run by giant, shape-shifting, blood-sucking space reptiles. The lizards have taken over our governments and some of their most famous and powerful members include former President Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II of England, and even Mick Jagger.

Sounds like a plot from a Star Trek episode, right?

This theory originated in the 1990s with British radio host turn conspiracy theorist David Icke. Icke believed that families with this “serpent DNA” had been controlling the world for centuries and that they even started the Illuminati.

The conspiracy theorists believe the space lizards are trying to create a superior race by mating with human beings. By creating this half-lizard, half-human race, which Icke calls the “Babylonian Brotherhood,” the reptiles are able to turn the world into a fascist state.

Many have accused Icke of anti-Semitism and believe that his conspiracy theory work is similar to another theory that believes that a group of Jewish families that control the world also drink the blood of Christian children.

“David Icke represents a political threat. His writings are anti-Semitic. David Icke states that the global elite, the Illuminati who dominate every aspect of our lives, are genetically descended from an extraterrestrial race of reptiles who came to earth some time ago in the form of humans, who are capable of changing their shape, who engage in ritual child sacrifice, who drink blood,” said the chairman of the Anti-Racist Action group in Canada.

David Icke has denied that he is anti-Semitic even though his theories have deep roots in our world’s anti-Semitic nature. “Blood-sucking,” is typically associated with being greedy. Stephanie Winkler wrote a paper comparing this phrase and the Jewish stereotype of them being “greedy,” and good with money.

In recent years, America has seen an increase in those who believe in the lizard theory. During Barack Obama’s time in office, the lizard theory became very popular among the far-right. A poll conducted in 2013 found that 4% or 12 million Americans believed in the lizard conspiracy theory. They also believed that Obama had reptiles in his Secret Service and a YouTube video claiming proof has been watched nearly three million times.

In 2008, “lizard people” were written in on a ballot for the Minnesota mid-term election.

How Do Lizard People Connect to QAnon?

Those in the far-right have taken the lizard theory and connected it with many QAnon theories about a Satanic group running our government. Algorithms have started to meld these two groups together because they share similar values.

Followers of QAnon believe that our world is being run by a group of pedophiles and Satan worshipers. This theory got very popular with the election of former President Donald Trump and followers believe that Trump was elected to return our world to the original dimension and away from the “deep state,” that we are currently in.

QAnon and lizard people conspiracy theorists have been the cause of many recent tragedies. Besides the California man who killed his two children, last Christmas a bomb exploded in the streets of Nashville, Tenn. The bomber, Anthony Warner, 63, claimed that he was doing it because of QAnon and the lizard people.