Lloyd Revell has been identified as the prime suspect in a hate crime against an Asian man who was beaten on an NYC street. Revell is accused of punching the Chinese immigrant and biting off part of his fingers. The alleged attacker was taken into custody from the NYPD’s 7th precinct Thursday.

The Asian man was attacked on a Manhattan street and told to go home. Police are treating it as a hate crime. The victim left a message for the perpetrator who reportedly punched him in the eye and bit his finger.

“America is my country now,” Youya Hua said after Lloyd Revell was arrested. The 48-year-old immigrant declared his full allegiance to the United States early Thursday morning, despite his beating in the New York street. The alleged attacker was picked up at the Skyline Hotel on 10th Ave., a commonplace for homeless people during the pandemic.

“I don’t know what’s happening,” Hua said Tuesday morning while on the phone with his mother. “And I turn and he punched me again and he said, ‘Go back to your country,’ or something.”

The Asian man was walking down the street when the suspect “walked to my back and punched my eye.”  Hua then grabbed the attacker to hold him for the police, but the man “bit off my finger,” according to the victim.

One of Youya Hua’s sons, William, 13, claimed that the suspect bit two of his father’s fingers during the attack, but only tore off a small chunk from the middle one. Hua was taken to Mount. Sinai West Hospital where he was treated.

“I’m so sad,” Hua said in a statement. “I’m so scared…because if something happens to my family who protects them?” Hate crime across the country has risen in the last few months, especially against Asian and Pacific Islanders. Hua, however, says that hate crimes have no place in his new country and that he and his family aren’t going anywhere.

“OK, I’m from China,” Youya Hua said. “Back to my country is back to China. My kids were born here and my family is here. My job is here. Everything is here. Go where” He then declared proudly that “America is my country now.”

The attack happened two days before Joe Biden signed the bill addressing the rise in hate crimes specifically targeting Asian-Americans since the Covid-19 pandemic began last March. Experts who testified before a key house panel claimed that such attacks have increased by 150 percent in the past year. The bill is meant to bolster law enforcement response to attacks on Asian-Americans. More than 6,600 accounts of anti-Asian hate have been reported nationwide since last March.

Lloyd Revell, the alleged attacker in one of the latest instances of hate crime, was charged with assault as a hate crime on Thursday. He previously served prison time for attempted assault in the Bronx but was released on parole in April 2019. Revell has been arrested several times, according to police.