Lorraine Graves was arrested on Thursday after she asked police about her OWN reward money. The Oklahoma Police Department posts weekly “Most Wanted” Facebook posts searching for criminals, and this time around it was the criminal in question who responded!

Lorraine Graves Was One Heck of a Catch

Oklahoma police put Graves on their “Most Wanted” list because they suspected that she was an accessory to the murder of 30-year-old Eric Graves. Jayden Hopson and Gabriel Hobson have since been charged with murder. Police are unsure whether Lorraine Graves had a connection to the crime or the victim.

The Tulsa native commented on Thursday asking “where’s the reward money at.” Her comments have since been deleted, but that hasn’t stopped the subsequent post, which details her arrest, from going viral. It has gotten over 1,200 comments since Sunday, many of which are warning Lorraine about her actions.

Lorraine Graves helped police arrest her after she took to Facebook asking about her own reward money.
Lorraine Graves helped police arrest her after she took to Facebook asking about her own reward money. Photo Credit: Facebook

One Facebook user responded, saying “Giiiiirl you better stay off social media they can track you !!” Another warned her that this wouldn’t be funny once she was processed. Her bond has been set to $500,000 and, like many comments, we’re all wondering whether she actually got her reward money.

If Lorraine’s arrest doesn’t fill your need for weird crimes, here are a couple more criminals who baffled the Internet.

Matthew Leatham

Matthew Leatham, a native of Florida, went viral because of his bizarre mugshot. The Florida man has a tattoo of the state right between his eyebrows. This odd tattoo isn’t the only weird thing about him. He was arrested in January for misusing the 911 system in Pasco County, Fla.

In Florida, it is a crime to call a “false alarm” on the 911 system and apparently found Leatham’s need for a ride not that important. When the man called the first time police offered to find him a taxi, but he refused, only to call again moments later. He was arrested for misuse of the 911 system and possession of marijuana, which was found on him at the time of his arrest.

Helen Ann Williams

On Christmas Eve 2013, Helen Ann Williams, 44, got so angry with her husband that she stabbed him with a ceramic squirrel. His crime? Coming home without beer after finding the stores closed for the holiday. Helen hit her husband over the head with the squirrel before deciding to stab him in the chest and shoulder.

The Charleston, S.C. police charged her with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature. Williams originally lied to the police when they showed up at her door. She said that her husband fell, but blood found on her clothes proved otherwise. She was arrested and charged with $10,000 bail.

Justin Rogers

Justin Rogers and a friend took to TikTok on May 5 showing themselves hollowing out watermelons to use as DIY face masks. The video shows them going into a store with the masks on. But the video fails to mention that they used them to shoplift! Surveillance footage at a Sheetz convenience store in Louisa, Va. showed two masked watermelon men shoplifting alcohol. The police took to Facebook and were able to match the watermelons and the suspects’ vehicle to the ones featured in Rogers’ video. Rogers and his friend were charged with possession of alcohol by a minor, petty theft, and wearing a mask in public.