Constance Cannon and her husband, Luthor Cannon, also spelled Luther, got a serious lottery surprise when they won not once but twice with the same numbers. According to the NC Education Lottery, both of their Cash 5 tickets were winners for Sunday’s drawing, grossing them each a $498,700 prize. Multiplied by two, that’s a $997,400 payday!

Luthor Cannon bought two tickets with the same lucky numbers from the Yemen Food Mart on Starling Way in Rocky Mount, NC. He then gave one of the tickets to his wife, Constance Cannon, and the rest is history. The Cash 5 tickets were marked with the winning numbers from Sunday’s Cash 5 drawing and it was officially “ca-ching.”

Mr. Cannon reportedly checked his tickets on Monday when he went grocery shopping. The machine told him to “go to lottery headquarters” and the rest was history.

“It’s crazy,” Luthor Cannon admitted. His wife agreed: “It was just amazing to see those numbers.”

According to Constance Cannon, “when [her husband] got home, he showed me the ticket and pulled up the winning numbers on his phone. And when I looked at them, I just started crying.” On Tuesday, the couple drove to the lottery headquarters in Raleigh, NC., and claimed their massive prizes.

Because they both had the same numbers, they were forced to split the nearly $1 million jackpot. After taxes, the prize total was $352,830 each – one for the husband and one for the wife. Their now-viral photo showed the two posing with their massive lottery checks. The smiles say it all.

Luthor and Constance Cannon won NC Educational Lottery Cash 5 jackpot with identical tickets. They each took home $352,830 after taxes.
Luthor and Constance Cannon won NC Educational Lottery Cash 5 jackpot with identical tickets. They each took home $352,830 after taxes. Photo Credit: NC Educational Lottery

The 52-year-old Constance Cannon told lottery officials that “it’s just amazing that we won this amount of money.” She admitted that now they “can pay off [their] house and pay off [their] cars and be able to do something for [the] family.”

Luthor Cannon, 55, is trying his best to share his positivity. “Thanking God for another day [and] praying for all my family and friends that we all get the wakeup call,” he wrote on Facebook. “Have a blessed day.”

People were quick to share the Cannon couple’s positive energy. In the comment section under the jackpot announcement, commenters spread the love. “Well what you know, he picked his own numbers and put them on two different tickets,” said Roger K. “What luck! He has to be the luckiest man ever to win on both tickets. All I can say is wow! Congratulations.”

While many were happy for Constance and Luthor Cannon, others thought of the logistics of the win. “Congrats to this happy couple,” Denver G. said before pointing out that “I can’t help but think it would have been better tax-wise to claim 1 this year & the other next year. Spread the income & taxes out over 2 years. The NCEL only takes out the minimum, about 25%. The IRS will want the maximum [of] about 35%-40%. Just saying there was NO need to rush right in to claim. You have 180 days…..”

Other commenters had questions regarding the epic win. “Was there one winning ticket or two tickets with the same numbers?” Eugene H. asked. NC Lottery responded, clarifying that “the winners bought two tickets with the same numbers.”

Carolina Cash 5 tickets cost $1, according to the NC Education Lottery. The drawings are held every night.

“The odds of winning a Cash 5 jackpot are 1 in 962,598,” according to the Cash 5 announcement. What is the likelihood of winning twice with two tickets?