Luther Henderson was taken into custody Saturday two weeks after his wife’s body was found dead in Illinois. The 39-year-old was arrested near Seattle for felony murder, accused of killing his wife and leaving her body on the side of the road. 

The Georgia man reportedly fled across the country before crossing into the Seattle area where he was apprehended. Luther Henderson and his wife, Tykeisha Dixon, were last seen together on May 6 after leaving Dixon’s three sons with a sitter. When they didn’t return by May 8, the families reached out to law enforcement. 

A missing person’s report filed by the Roswell police claims Henderson and Dixon were heading to pick up Henderson’s daughter at a Taco Bell in Atlanta after leaving Dixon’s children with the babysitter. The daughter explained after the incident that the couple began arguing and Henderson threw his wife’s phone out of the car. 

Tykeisha Dixon’s body wasn’t found until May 9 in Edwardsville, Illinois. Though her body was found in the city 20 miles northeast of St. Louis, the Atlanta Police Department says she was not killed in the area. Instead, the department claims, “Ms. Dixon was shot on May 6, 2021, at 438 North Avenue in Northeast Atlanta,” and her body was later dumped in Illinois. 

It is believed that Henderson shot and killed Dixon following their May 6 argument, then drove over 550 miles with her body still in the car. Luther Henderson had just married into the Dixon family, and both he and his new wife had children from prior relationships. 

The car used to transport the body was Henderson’s blue Chrysler, which was found on March 10 in Illinois. There were no traces of the alleged killer at the time. Police then tracked Henderson to Seattle, a 2,000-mile drive from where Dixon’s body was found. 

Luther Henderson was arrested on May 22 and is waiting to be extradited to Georgia where he will face murder charges. His bond has not been set and there have been no reports of a plea deal or whether Henderson has an attorney. 

According to the Journal-Constitution, Tykeisha Dixon’s family is mourning the loss. Her brother, Talaris Adams said “she was a very caring, loving person,” and that “her smile literally lit up the room. If you weren’t her friend before she first met you, you would be by the end of the night. She just loved people and she didn’t deserve what happened to her, at all.”

The Atlanta Police Department posted on Twitter Tuesday, announcing Luther Henderson’s arrest. Though Henderson is in custody, the investigation into Dixon’s murder is still underway. Investigators are currently gathering information to determine the motive of the killing and identity anyone else involved. 

Luther Henderson is accused of shooting and killing his wife, Tykeisha Dixon in Atlanta before dumping her body in Illinois and fleeing across the country. He was arrested in the Seattle area on May 22.